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GEDmatch Basics and Beyond + Q&A

GEDmatch Basics and Beyond + Q&A

Getting started with GEDmatch using the versatile “One-to-many” tool… All elements of the One-to-many tool are explained. Become acquainted with the power of matching segment details. Experience level: beginner to intermediate. This was originally a Facebook Live presentation, presented in the “AncestryDNA Matching” Facebook group.


7 thoughts on “GEDmatch Basics and Beyond + Q&A

  1. Lance Hall says:

    What these websites needs is the ability to select the matching segment of DNA and match to THAT. For example if I share a specific segment with a known 3rd cousin and then used that segment as the search criteria then only people connected to that specific line would show up.

  2. B McG says:

    Are the people on GedMatch from just America or is it available in other country’s? I am at a brick wall with my fathers side from Ireland.

  3. B McG says:

    Thanks for responding! I found my Native American on GedMatch which Ancestry didn’t find.
    It is interesting I am only 1.05% but have strong physical characteristics of native America. I knew
    ahead of time that I was about 1/16 according to what I have been told. I am about 47% Irish and 48% Great Britain and is pretty accurate when comparing Ancestry to GedMatch

  4. I have to use the Genesis option instead of the regular GEDmatch one because my DNA company was 23andMe (with the new V5 chip). I'm trying to find tutorials on Genesis because it doesn't seem to be quite the same as the regular GEDmatch layouts.

  5. B McG says:

    Should you put your Ancestry tree on Gedmatch?

  6. llangibby says:

    Thank you. I found it very informative.

  7. I recently signed up with GEDmatch and found it rather unintuitive… your video is very useful and makes the basics very clear. Thanks!

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