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Gedmatch Breakdowns (British Jamaican) Ancestry #3

Gedmatch Breakdowns (British Jamaican) Ancestry #3

Gedmatch Breakdowns of Ancestry results
I am only sharing the basic information as many of the calculators do go on to break down the results further. One identifies me as African-Caribbean etc

There are some things which come up which I do wish to find out how possible it shows in my dna on gedmatch and not on ancestry. I am als o hoping to connect the dots on dna family matches where possible.

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2 thoughts on “Gedmatch Breakdowns (British Jamaican) Ancestry #3

  1. Angb Rwill says:

    Go read the "White Papers" used by the person who developed the algorithm. Go back to Gedmatch and link on "Oracle" "Oracle-4" (found right under your calculations). These oracles will give you the admixtures used to calculate your results and explain where your ancestors "possibly" came from. IMPORTANT: Use the Gedmatch link, "Compare to Many" to find your dna matches. I was immediately paired to my sister and a paternal cousin. You can select their kit number and submit it to the "matrix generational" algorithm to see at what generations you match a particular person. I found several of my grandparents first cousins and a woman who is my 2x great-grandmother's(who was called a "Quadroon" in documents) European-American relative on her father's side. Some people share family trees on Gedmatch as well.

  2. Respect from Cameroon

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