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GEDMATCH DNA results + Ancestry Recap

GEDMATCH DNA results + Ancestry Recap

Ancestry DNA is great but if you have Asian DNA it’s not very in depth. I uploaded my RAW DNA to GEDMatch using the admixtures recommended by GEDmatch that would best suit my ethnic background and here are the results.


30 thoughts on “GEDMATCH DNA results + Ancestry Recap

  1. I love that you have a pibble!

  2. Your mouth is too kissable! Awesome pivetta!

  3. Sorry… Are you reinventing geography?!

  4. Allie S says:

    Upload them to WeGene.com also. They also give medical markers as well.

  5. If you are Italian specially Siciliana then this is where your north African and Iberian and middle eastern is coming and probably central Asian most of those countries are Muslim

    Sicily was under Muslim control like 300 years if you look at people of Sicily there are more darker af their good and also the south of Italy are darker

    People of the Mediterranean say they are cousins they have been mixing for years

    I think Mediterraneans until recently have separated as in the past they were closer specially under Roman rule

    All across the Mediterranean there were Roman colonies on both sides of Europe and North Africa as well as the middle east all the way to the northern part of Saudia Arabia

    Also the Greeks past through those regions as well as the Phoenicians who were from Lebanon primarily

    Also there are other like the Persians all the way to anatolia today turkey and they passed through Egypt

    Then through north africa and the Iberian Peninsula passed the Alans who were an Iranian people and the vandals and Visigoths who were germanic tribes and there are other mixtures from Africa into Europe via the Muslims etc etc

    We have been traveling all over and not just in war time

    People think for some reason no wait because of ignorance thar just now we mix when we have been mixing for some time

  6. You’re so unbelievably beautiful!

  7. GEDmatch forgot something … 50% Angel DNA ! 😉

  8. cool as. I wonder if we could be very distantly related. I'm Australian my dna was 2% Italian, 6% Iberian and 1% north African and 1% Caucasus. had my in stiches with your African jumping lmao

  9. U should of been a Comedian..!! Ur videos r too funny..!!

  10. P C says:

    Ancestry dna isn’t that great in my opinion

  11. P C says:

    How can you be racist for that lol.

  12. cchiker says:

    Are you from western Pennsylvania?

  13. You are African decent. Own it.

  14. Mick W says:

    As a person with Austrian DNA I tend to be drawn to German/Dutch/Hungarian women unintentionally, my Australian side is probably a little bit of every nation

  15. Racist????? I just don’t understand stupid people. Lol!

  16. I love your snarkiness…I’m obsessed with genetics but most youtubers who make these videos are SO REPETITIVE. Also, GEDMatch is basically a cooler version of Facebook that actually has meaningful things. I uploaded my FTDNA raw data to GEDMatch – definitely worth it!!!

  17. Cutie you are biracial

  18. People are Jealous of you.

  19. My Raw DNA results were so different than my Ancestry DNA results!

  20. you said " a whole mess of crap comes out "….lol i m dying here , i m Puertorrican and i thought i was mix , guess that's what makes you a beautiful Goddess , great results gave you like 377 . safe to say ciao to yah because , i also have 31% Italy/Greece .

  21. John Gold says:

    You look like Teri Hatcher's cuter little sister.

  22. Another great video; part 2 was even more entertaining than part 1, and I love your dog. You have a great attitude. I laughed out loud at your…"Maasai story" ;-). This stuff is ceaselessly fascinating. Now I'm really looking forward to taking the test. Too bad you had to get flak from the PC fascists, but you handle yourself well. Thanks so much for sharing your information. Be well.

  23. lol! I love your commentary on East African.

  24. "Keep things as pc as possible." Ugh.

  25. Manila was Spain's trading post in east Asia.

  26. Your great-grandfather came from the Philippines. Is it possible he was born in Italy and the family emigrated to the Philippines when he was a child ? Or as a young adult he may have left Italy and traveled to the Philippines. In many ways this type of DNA testing in inconclusive, and once you go back a few generations, it seems somewhat meaningless. Make the best of your life right here. Right now.

  27. What you do so well, Lovely Lady, is to show your viewers that we are ALL walking talking history repositories. This is why racism makes no sense. There are few places in the world where the DNA of visitors has not been added to the local mix. Mixed race people throughout history have been driven to travel, often literally driven out of their communities because of their mixed blood, or in the same search you are making to discover who they are. Then there has always been the use of rape as a weapon, adding the DNA of the Conqueror to that of the conquered. Wars mean refugees who move on to add their DNA to that of the people in the lands where they settle. The earth is a giant mixing pot, and we are the products of that pot. No one is a 'pure blood' anything. We are all Muggles. =o)

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