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GEDMatch Heritage Result of Asian Ancestry.

GEDMatch Heritage Result of Asian Ancestry.

This is my DNA admixtures from GEDmatch. I was happy to find out that I had Polynesian DNA in Ancestry DNA. To even see further breakdown of my raw DNA, and see where my Filipino ethnicity came from has been amazing with the result from GEDmatch.

There are several Group Admixtures in GEDmatch, in this video I only show four, yet they come up as the same ethnicity for my DNA. Thanks for watching!

Not shown in video are a few other admixtures:

Dodcad V3 Admxiture
East European 2.21%
Neo African .18%
South Asian 10.12%
South East Asian 79.28%
East African 1.21%
Palaeo African .64%

Harappa World
S-Indian 3.66%
SE-Asian 65.49%
Siberian 1.66%
NE-Asian 22.27%
Papuan 6.25%
American .36%
San .30%

Eurogenes K9b
Native American 1.08%
North East Asian 18.19%
Mediterranean .18%
North European 1.42%
South East Asian 72.31%
Oceanian 5.89%
South African .92%


21 thoughts on “GEDMatch Heritage Result of Asian Ancestry.

  1. aRnBStar says:

    that's simple,you upload your raw data to wegene, they will help you break down the East Asian , mostly i think South Han Chinese (short face ,rounder shape) and Dai(similar to thailand Hmong) in Yunan , Lahu which more cambodian, Gaoshan in taiwan native similar to Oceanian

  2. upload to wegene.com a Chinese company specializes in Asian ancestry

  3. It's so confusing which ones did you specifically do to breakdown asian countries?

  4. Ariel Lee says:

    I recently broke down my DNA and was suprised to find out we had asian ancestry in my family. As well as a bit of polynesian and amerindian on Ancestry. I decided to bring it into GED match because one of my Filipino friends was like 'Yo those people were probably from the Phillipines," I put my genes through and watching videos like yours and other whom have also done GED match is further confirming what I thought. Lol even though it's an odd 3.5-5% of my own genetics it was intresting enough for me to take notice.

  5. The first moment I saw your dna breakdown i already knew you were Filipino lool. Btw which one did you use for the last one? I am also Filipino and I want to know which is the best one for Filipinos.

  6. Laddy Lau says:

    How do you determine the best admixture test to choose in GedMatch?

  7. mamoahina says:

    You're pretty consistent on the Oceanian/Papuan/Melanesian percentage. What part of the Philippines is your family from?

    Your 30% POLYNESIA is exactly what is expected for Filipinos. I'm half-Filipino and I also had two of my half-Filipino cousins tested. Both got 16% Polynesia (actually one had 15% Polynesia and less than 1% Melanesia) while one had remaining 34% Asia East (just as I had that same amount) to make up our 50% Filipino, the other cousin is half-Japanese so the rest was just Asia East. I on the other hand had a total of 57% Polynesia because my mother shows up 85% Polynesia, and genealogically she is 85.15625% Hawaiian. So that makes me 42.578125% Hawaiian. Take 42% away from the 57%, I get 15% Polynesia left, plus the 34% Asia East for my Filipino side (99%).

    Use the ORACLES on these admixtures to see the different types of Filipino populations it pulls up for you.

  8. Blue Blaze says:

    Hi! Interesting results:) Can you post your Dnaland and/or Wegenes results in this comment section? Would be interesting to compare the different versions.

  9. You said that you heard that World 9 Admixture was the most accurate. Where did you hear this? Also, would you say that World 9 is more accurate than MDLP k13 Ultimate? (I'm half Filipino and half European by the way)

  10. Marina P says:

    I love this video! I was mad struggling trying to navigate the site lol… Soooo if you were on a test version that had a spreadsheet, how would you read it?? For my Asian ancestry, I receive different percentages for different ethnic groups. For example, Filipino Ilocano is rated at 92%. Does that mean there is a 92% chance that my Asian DNA has some trace from this ethnic group? I honestly don't have a clue, what I'm doing lol, any help would be much appreciated!!

  11. Thanks for pointing me into the direction of GEDmatch! With the help of your Filipino ancestry, I've been able to use this video and your results as a proxy for calculating my own percentage of Filipino. If my calculations are correct I'm far more Filipino than what ancestry has calculated via their algorithm. I used the same algorithm as you did on GEDmatch (Eurogenes K13) and added up my Baltic, South Asian, East Asian, American Indian and Oceanian.

    Ancestry had me at 5% East Asia, 2% Asia South and 3% Polynesian making me 10% Filipino. GEDmatch has me at 20.78% Filipino with Baltic 9.03%, South Asian 0%, East Asian 9.26%, American Indian .61% and 1.61% Oceanian. This seems more plausible as my great grandfather was 100%. Thanks again for your help. I will be making another video using these results.

  12. Would you say Gedmatch is more accurate than ancestry? Btw wonderful results!

  13. G Nk says:

    Australoid is for the dark skinned peoples that existed in SE Asia/Oceanian before the arrival of what we'd call SE Asians. They are called Negroites I think in the Philippines.

  14. Most Filipinos are 60/40 or 70/30 East Asian/Polynesian.

  15. mamoahina says:

    That's a huge chunk of oceanian! Well, my paternal aunt gets 5.19% Anyway, some of these, esp. MDLP when you go into the ORACLE, you will see more specific Filipino groups.

  16. Abdurashid says:

    hey whats the most accurate gedmatch calculator? cool results btw

  17. This is awesome! Very interesting… Check mine out http://youtu.be/_bC713CKXJE

  18. S M says:

    Thank you so much for posting. Will go and upload my Ancestry.com data after seeing this

  19. jkbezo says:

    Hi. I left a comment here yesterday. Not sure what happened to it.

  20. jkbezo says:

    Hey! You are right. GEDmatch is a great tool for Asian ancestry breakdown. 
    I'm half and half.
    My father is African American/Creole (African, European (mostly French) and Native American Indian mix).

    My mother is Taiwanese Indiginous (Amis). With a little bit of Han Chinese. I'm at work right now, so I will give you more details about the kind of results we got later as well as other good tools to use on GEDmatch. There are like 14 different Taiwanese Indiginous tribes on the isalnd, but they are still all related/the same. They are basically Austronesians. Closely related to the Filipinos, Malaysians, Indonesians, etc. 
    We've all tested in my family over the past 2 years and uploaded kits to GEDMatch. Your results are very similar to my mother's results, to half of my results (LOL), and 1/4 of my kids' results 😉

    Anyhow, yes, MDLP 23kb is so correct! We get high Austronesian %s, plus on Oracle 4 it matches us up with Ami_Coryell. So yup! It's correct, then also South_East_Asian %s

    Harappa World is good, too. It has most of our Asian at SE Asian at high %s.

    Eurogenes K36 is also right. We get high Malayan %s for that as well. And the Indo-Chinese and South Chinese.

    These tools seperate Asian and Native American Indian very well, too.  It splits it up for me and my kids. Some of the tools are also detecting a little bit of it (Native American Indian) for my mother too.

    Have you tried 23andme? That is what we've tested on. Their Asian breakdown is OK. 

    If you'd like I could provide you mother's results for you, since she is just about full Asian, too. 
    Also I could post you my results and kids' results, too.

    Send me a personal inbox, we can exchange kit#s, too if you'd like. To compare.
    Talk to you later, I'm at work. Will get to you back soon.

  21. Here are my results for Eurogenes EUtest V2 K15, MDLP World, and Eurogenes K9b.

    EUtest V2 K15 MDLP World Eurogenes K9b
    Baltic             .62% Middle East .35% Native American 1.08%
    West Med     .08% Indian 6.26% Northeast Asian 18.19%
    South Asian 6.16% Melanesian 8.13% Mediterranean .18%
    SE Asian    83.67% Artic Amerind .18% North European 1.42%
    Siberian          .92% East Asian 82.04% Southeast Asian 72.31%
    Amerindian     1.00% Paleo African .25% Oceanian 5.89%
    Oceanian        7.01% MesoAmerican .59% South African .92%
    NE African        .54% North Asian 2.20%

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