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GedMatch HONEST experience!!

GedMatch HONEST experience!!


As you can see my experience wasn’t the best with GedMatch.
The results aspect of it seems pretty cool but why did it predict my eye color to purple and then green? leave a comment down below if i may have did something wrong im open to help! thanks.


North_Atlantic 8.99
Baltic 6.35
West_Med 2.32
West_Asian 2.99
East_Med –
Red_Sea –
South_Asian 0.83
East_Asian 1.13
Siberian 0.93
Amerindian 1.74
Oceanian 0.51
Northeast_African 6.51
Sub-Saharan 67.72


46 thoughts on “GedMatch HONEST experience!!

  1. Everybody eye color is green ???????

  2. lol the reason you got a weird result for the eye colour is because there are up to 64 "rules" it uses to determine what eye colour is most probably yours, according to your results it only had 10 rules to analyze out of 64.

  3. I'm 87% Ireland.
    3% Iberian Peninsula.
    2% Italy/Greece.
    2% Great Britain.
    2% Europe West.
    1% European Jewish.
    3% Caucasus West Asian, how different will my results be.

  4. Basically 80% black. Same for me, got my eye color correct too.

  5. RM Smith says:

    I have very green eyes and it said I should have blue. But it did give me much more accurate results for my ancestry.

  6. I'm African American, but I have a lot of Irish and Scandinavian and GedMatch wanted my eyes to be blue sooooo bad! lol I do have a lighter shade of brown eyes with blue around the edges, but yeah…nope, they didn't get it. Still, I love the site and it's so much more accurate and in depth than Ancestry. The admixture calculators are dope! Still waiting for the analysis to be complete so I can do the "One to Many"

  7. WarpRabbit says:

    From the Eye Color Prediction page – "The research that resulted in this utility used samples from the GEDmatch database which consists mostly of European descendants. As such, it will be less accurate for other ancestries."

  8. Day23J1k says:

    I went school with guy he had two different eyes one was violet ( purple) and the other one was brown

  9. I think their match results are probabilistic not definitive. Just like the weather report. Just like the weather report will state that there is an 80% chance of rain,so whether it rains or not in fact the report will not be wrong. i the eye color results , likely or unlikely to have such and such eye color will not be wrong if in fact you do not have such an eye color.

  10. It's based on algorithms lol. For example you questioned how it can tell what tribes you are from? Based on your DNA those are the tribes, ethnicities, races you'd be considered based on your DNA. Another thing you have to consider is the fact that we are not all human so having purple eyes is actually a thing. Have fun!

  11. a martinez says:

    it says if you are not european ,then eye color should not be accurate..did u read that

  12. Nikki C says:

    ur eyebrows are amazing

  13. try dna.land they are more specific to tribes

  14. i dunno if this will help you (or if you will see it lol) but i am in the same process as you, trying to figure out the gedmatch cuz there are a gazillion tests. Someone posted this that might be of some help to you: The Gedrosia tests are more for West Asian Ancestry (middle east etc), Eurogenes are for great for Europe, Harrapaworld is more geared to South east asians or south asians and lastly Ethiohelix is geared towards AFrica. Good luck!!

  15. They can tell you the tribe because of the worldwide DNA project where they tested people all over the globe, particularly in sub Saharan Africa.

  16. Lei A says:

    I ran my DNA through GEDmatch and got a little bit of Native American even though both of my parents are straight from Africa ?? I think it's bs.

  17. Haplogroup and haplotype is how they can tell you exactly where you are coming from, however, as a genealogist I would have not used Ancestry.com nor GedMatch for DNA. I have tested my father's DNA before he passed away on Family tree DNA, they have been doing it the longest. They also have groups you can join for free with test purchase to compare your ancestry to, and they are not affiliated with the Mormon church like Ancestry.com.
    I have been doing this for more than 20 yrs. I wish you luck. I was your age when I started. It is a long and arduous journey, but fulfilling nonetheless,

  18. No one can tell which tribes because until fairly recently, people of mixed tribal ancestry were DISOWNED by both tribes. All those disowned people mixing resulted in the lesser % we see now. As late as 2009, there were tribes in Africa who disowned members who intermarriage with other tribes

  19. Elizabeth Taylor had "purple" or deep violet eyes.

  20. Gedmatch predicted my eyecolor perfectly, including the yellow ring around the center and blue around the outer part. However, Gedmatch insists that I am half Jewish depending on which calculator I use it calls me half Romanian Jew or half Iranian Jew and the other half is usually Italian or Greek. All four of my grandparents were born in central and southern Italy and I'm aware of no Jewish heritage. But hey at least it knows what Eye color I have! When I do deeper more ancient analysis it thinks I'm Bedouin. I am so white and if you put me outside in the sun I wouldn't tan but just burn to a crisp and turn red.

  21. you know why ur mom is mix race, and my daughter has purple eyes , it told me green too but my grand mother had green eyes , oh and Elizabeth taylor had purple eyes I read , more like lilac really but yup can happen one of ur kids or grand kids could have them , it just means ur mothers mothers line where white ;lolololol , ged match is infact brilliant , keep using the tools and try the archaic , its amazing

  22. Ann B says:

    You sound like me. Mine came back 90.89 percent Palestinian. I don't understand that. It had my eye color right though.

  23. Midnight says:

    Hey, Elizabeth Taylor had purple eyes. It's tapping into your European ancestry lol.

  24. I uploaded my raw DNA to Gedmatch.com as well and I think what they do is gather DNA samples from different ethnic groups in different parts of the world for comparison. According to gedmatch, my African Ancestry is Yoruban, Fulani, and Bamoun (Bantu).

  25. Mpirefilms says:

    I think Elizabeth Taylor has purple eyes. It's probably a wild color of blue that leans toward purple.

  26. understood, but science does stuff like that; like discovering cures 4disease, cloning, etc. yes it is amazing

  27. they can tell your tribe through matching your dna markers. That's Science bby!

  28. you. are. beautiful, u. are. gonna. make. someone. very. happy

  29. THat could mean that you carry the recessive gene for green eyes and GEDMATCH detected it. Which could then means if your life partner had blue, grey or green eyes. You have a 50% probability of having children with green eyes. How do you like that response?

  30. Ash says:

    Are you half white and half black?

  31. passius1 says:

    https://tracingafricanroots.wordpress.com/ancestrydna/african-american-results/. Gedmatch=Dodecad/Africa9, Harappa world oracle 4, puntdnalk8 African only oracle4

  32. ANTPHRESSH says:


  33. My gedmatch stuff doesn't really make sense in and of itself either. It requires a lot of comparison and speculation. FTDNA did way more for me than anything else. Also, I'd like to bigup your ancestral populations real quick because you're like… you represent them well.

  34. That's pretty funny. Purple eyed people have it bad

  35. kellog 1 says:

    my grandmother actually had purple eyes

  36. Ebony Elle says:

    "How can you tell me what tribe I'm from based on my DNA, THAT MAKES NO SENSE".. hmmmn, someone isn't too well read on DNA and how the testing works.

  37. Eliza beth says:

    How do you use gedmatch to see that comparison chart? Im soo confused right now!!! 🙁

  38. Eliza beth says:

    How long did it take you to get your gedmatch results?

  39. Kiss kiss kiss . We can make 10 babies

  40. Yazii0.0 says:

    lol I really like your videos doll. Side note: People who have the Alexandria's Genesis mutation have purple eyes and no body hair ^_^ (I think)

  41. You're absolutely beautiful

  42. GEDmatch is much more accurate than Ancestry.

  43. Lavender eyes are extremely rare, but possible.

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