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Gedmatch other tests: Eurogenes K13

Gedmatch other tests: Eurogenes K13

Focus is on European genes, Secondary populations are (top5): North German, Danish, North Swedish, Orcadian, Norwegian. It list top african genes as being Pygmy and Bantu. Again the focus is Euro genes. So I would say it generalizes your African percentages. I find that Harappa World and PuntDNAL are most important to African Americans. These other test are important for other reasons. This is still a wonderful test and from what i know , the european seems fairly accurate. The Dutch is one that I was aware of, as well as french but its further down on the list. Still I’m going to study it more closely and if something changes I will insert it here….


7 thoughts on “Gedmatch other tests: Eurogenes K13

  1. the whites came from africa? haha what a joke mother africa never existed as a mother.. The whole humanity came frol middle east and thats a fact. Check all the dna results from all kond of people and you will understand what I mean.

  2. Moors…. Mozabite Berber, Moroccan, Tunisian, Algerian, Egyptian. Do you have any ancestry in South Carolina where they had ancient Berbers?

  3. From what I saw on eurogenes

  4. I'm Mandenka and Yoruban

  5. abrams1130 says:

    That is not how you read that tests. The bottom half is for populations tested that were "similar" possibly to your mix. It is NOT to be taken as belonging to you. Og geez, please go to this site to learn how to interpret it correctly:


  6. EmanDid says:

    this is so confusing lol. I uploaded my DNA to gedmatch because I'm mostly east African and middle eastern and ancestrydna doesn't show specific countries. your videos have helped me a lot. A question I have; is the oracle what country you are from?

  7. There is some truth to the pygmy idea too. As one of my grandmothers is like 4'7- 4'8 in height. 🙂

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