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GEDmatch other tests: MDLP K23b

GEDmatch other tests: MDLP K23b

Whats most important again is the Single populations using 1,2,3,4 populations. Also on this test the population and percent. I think this test determines your oldest type of human. In this case you can see I am a good portion Archaic african. Which I believe is the oldest human still in existance. Correct me if Im wrong. These pops are all important in terms of talking about your oldest ancestors. On this test again it generalizes your “other” African porportions, it calls them Subsaharian, thats how you know this test only focuses on your east African. I dont like the word Subsaharian at all. Subsaharian tells you nothing. This is a wonderful test though. Thanks for watching.


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  1. yoitsjust says:

    By the way the "least squares method" that you showed at 4:00 is NOT PERCENTAGES. They show how far off your numbers are compared to the someone who is actually from there. THEY ARE NOT YOUR DNA BREAKDOWN. I REPEAT THEY ARE NOT YOUR DNA BREAKDOWN. They take other people whose DNA origins are known and compare is to yours. perfect match is 1. The closer the least squares is to 1 the closer you belong to that group. The more higher up you go from one, the less you match to that group. So even a value of 5 is high. A value of 15 almost means you share close to 0% dna similarity with that group. Hope this helped.

  2. is paleo african ancient? I got almost half

  3. how did you choose the category

  4. The Lemba are the tribe of Levi confirmed to be the original Hebrews. The same tribe of Aaron and Moses from the bible.

  5. Oh…and on your third report… I do know that the Fang people originate from the Bantu people. I (my brother) did an AfricanAncestry.com patriclan test and our father's line matches the Fang people in Gabon.

  6. Hi, i'm working through mine now too. Do you have any resources that help you understand the differences between these tests?

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