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Gedmatch Result & Kit No: African Fulani man, Nigeria, Jalingo Muri

Gedmatch Result & Kit No: African Fulani man, Nigeria, Jalingo Muri

My Gedmatch result review, including Gedmatch Kit No., have a look at Fulani man gedmatch analysis and compare with yours. also some Fulani lesson 1-10 counting


19 thoughts on “Gedmatch Result & Kit No: African Fulani man, Nigeria, Jalingo Muri

  1. Mine is Fulani 11 on top compared to 1 and when compared to two I am about 76% Fulani and the rest is Egyptian when compare to two populations. My mothers family is from Jamaica and my fathers side South carolina. For some reason I alsways knew. 32 years ago, I saw pictures of Wodaabe people and so many of family members look just like them. Wow, I am 50 now and I finally know who I belong to in Africa. I wish my mother and father were still alive to see all of this. I am so ready to study our language and the Adlam script. So many Fulani, millions of us. Mi Pulo, Min Fulben. I also have Mandinka, Hausa and Bamumin. Are we also part Somali and Oromo? That shows up in my DNA too.

  2. Moddibo says:

    Pulloh ano nandi beh Bamoun lol.

  3. Hello, I love your enthusiasm. I am matching a Fulani from Fogoumba, Dalaba, Guinea.

  4. U r sooo handsome mashaallah

  5. osiruskat says:

    Hey, this is cool. We matched up as DNA cousins. Some of my GEDmatch calculators have high matches of Fulani, Yoruba, Hausa, Mandinka, and Moroccan. These may or may not be true but I view it as a reference point. Your West Asian DNA may have came from a Hausa ancestor and their history of Islam.

  6. I don't do if DNA result is really, but you really like fulani. Congratulations

  7. Talk Senegal or Mali fulani because we all fulani comme from there. I am Guinea fulani

  8. As Salaamu Alaikum. I'm African American and I'm 21% Nigerian. Hooray!

  9. Funny thing is, that guy with the mustache when you looked at your ancestry dna matches is the same guy on my matches as well

  10. what is your kit number

  11. Hi my brother,I am fulani from Guinea Conakry, please can you speak your language Pulaar?

  12. Dana5 says:

    Thank you, SophiaAndSaad! Your suggestion changed the way I viewed cousin matches. I never thought to check for an African cousin match. However, since watching your video, I have learned that I match with a man from Nigeria. He is Igbo! I seem to have three Nigerian cousins.

  13. Karr Radd says:

    This is great! Would you be open to sharing DNA results via AncestryDNA? Please inbox me if you do. Thanks so much!

  14. hi again i need to speak to u off youtube if possible about the gedmatch.you on Facebook

  15. medinusa1 says:

    You got some Moroccan blood in You.Nice !

  16. I've been waiting for your results. Yayyy.

  17. Your results seem pretty consistent with your ancestry ones. I had some SW Europe pop up on my gedmatch (I guess via middle east and west asia )and west African(bantu origins)…nothing on myHeritage. So maybe gedmatch is more thorough. Thanks for the lessons in Fulani, I knew a wonderful Fulani Guinean man who wanted to marry me. We remain friends till this day : ))

  18. Gidado says:

    you should have Counted to Noogas bro.

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