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Gedmatch Results Part 1: Punt dnal K8b (Re upload)

Gedmatch Results Part 1: Punt dnal K8b (Re upload)

Re uploaded. So it turns out i am Mandinka and Fulani. Correction these tests hone in on ethnic groups and clusters. Each test gives you more insight into those clusters/ groups. The out come is determination of tribe as well as geographic region. Focuse on these headings on your test: Single/Mixed Mode Population Sharing using 1,2,3,4 Populations. The first page w/ Oracle only tells you poulation and percent which helps you track migratory patterns. stay tuned for a conclusion video. And important points. Thanks for watching. Please leave your questions below. *I am not an expert. I’m just a person interested in DNA. Upon first look i could see that these test are a formula for my DNA. i find these sorts of formulas intriguing. *Watch my other videos about GEDmatch.


13 thoughts on “Gedmatch Results Part 1: Punt dnal K8b (Re upload)

  1. Africa is the only continent where they have tribes lol I think it has something to do with the Bible

  2. Lyricus X says:

    You look like you come from Ghana.

  3. I'm mix with a lot of things. For Africa my DNA says my African ancestors came from different african countries from north, west, south, central, east africa.

  4. Mandinka is number 2 for me, Hausa is number 1.

  5. mandinka are found in senegal, guinea, ivory coast, mali and burkina faso

  6. I believe many of our ancestors came pre-Columbian with the ships of Abu Bakr II directly from Mali. Evidence of the Bambara and Mande languages found on the rocks in the 4 corners region of the US.

  7. Tahnn Ju says:

    your north africa north results are most likely berber not arab. the Amazigh people are the indigenous people of North and north west and Saharan africa and also include tuareg people. berbers are about 30 tribes also found in Mali Mauritania Niger. Amazigh are found in the mountains by the sea and the dessert region. I have family in kabyle the atlas mounntains of Algeria where berbers.

  8. Good Morning, I'm trying to interpret my GEDmatch findings and came across your video. My top 2 Single population are Mali_Mandinka and Nigeria_Fulani as well.

  9. Shea Mc says:

    It list those exact ones at the top of my page so IDK mine says (1) Nigeria_Fulani 20.09 (2) Mali_Mandinka 20.52 (3) DRC_Kongo 21.43 (4) Nigeria_Hausa 22.2. I just posted the top 4 to compare the percentages (20.9/20.52 ect). Does my numbers match yours exactly? Curious.

  10. If you do PuntDNL african only, it's not going to be accurate, because you're not only African. The creator of that calculator told me to use Africa 10 plus french. You look Ghanian. If your family is from Alabama, the slaves in that particular region were skilled in cloth weaving and were from the Akan and Ga tribe. Most Fulanis went to The Gullah Geechee belt of South carolina, georgia and north carolina. I would try MDLP, or harrapa world

  11. bear with me i will reupload this again so you can see the paper results.

  12. makes sense your facial morphology resembles the people you are related to, you look like some of my Dominican friends who have ancestry from those regions in Africa according to their DNA results

  13. Before you uploaded your Raw DNA what were your regions in Africa

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