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  1. P C says:

    Slightly dull results

  2. Great Video! Thanks so much for uploading it! I had no idea what GED match was and what it did, now I do thanks to you! ??

  3. All natives have Siberian and Asian , I do too but I am small percent native

  4. Remember Native Americans came across an ice bridge from Asia originally,thanx 4 sharing. I have much less N. American than you and 23and me didn't catch it at all

  5. Lynda L says:

    Honestly, I believe the volunteers calculating these tests, are grabbing for straws! Ancestry DNA, shows I'm French (ancestry even broke down all the ethnicities which comprises of a Frenchman); African American (with a hint of South Asian) & Irish; 34% of me btw, that is Irish (my grandmother from Kerry, IE)… Why then, do I not see Ireland on GedMatch?.. Not only that; oddly, I now have Amerindian, Japanese, Ashkenazi, among some others, in my DNA?! If Ancestry DNA can detect even <1% of my DNA, why then, couldn't they detect the supposed (for example), 3.36% Ashkenazi GEDMatch claimed to have found? Also, all GEDMatch Oracle's have such high percentages of each race, that I'm well over 130%. You can only be 100%; 50% your mother, 50% your father.

  6. American? They mean native?

  7. Gedmatch are fairly consist with ancestry and 23 and me for African and native american but european is all over the place. some weird groups also listed

  8. how did these results compare to your ancestry dna results? mine were so very different. Gedmatch had way more categories…

  9. kari kling says:

    The med is short for Mediterranean, and the Baltic DNA is from countries like Estonia and Latvia, that area of the world.

  10. I must be looking at a different video, because I see you as having native American as the highest, not Indian.

  11. This was really great, thanks for uploading. It seems the one for MDLP world, whatever that stands for, is most helpful. At least it showed you more about your native ancestory breakdown was. Too bad there was not a key so you knew what all of that stood for. 🙂

  12. Just wondering why your results took two weeks? After downloading I had gotten a breakdown quickly.

  13. @Katia Ortega. Yeah it does and it has a lot of tool you can use.

  14. What DO YOU know?  Why did you make this video?

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