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GEDmatch SuperTools

GEDmatch SuperTools

Solving a case with the 3D Chromosome Browser, One-to-one compare, People who match one or both of 2 kits, the 2D Chromosome Browser and resources at 23andMe. This was originally a Facebook Live presentation, presented in the “AncestryDNA Matching” Facebook group.


4 thoughts on “GEDmatch SuperTools

  1. gooup says:

    HOW do i learn more about all of this?

  2. Another great explanation on “How to” using GEDmatch. I understood perfectly and can’t wait to use “People who match one or both of 2kits”. Thank you

  3. Jo Greg says:

    Very useful stuff. Thank you.

  4. Wow! Thank you for the step by step explanation of this case study. I love that you showed how to bring information in from 3 testing companies then utilized GEDmatch. Hoping to some day be able to employ this with my research. Thank you again!!!

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