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GEDMatch Tutorial for African American Ancestry DNA

GEDMatch Tutorial for African American Ancestry DNA

This is just my advice on the best GEDMatch tutorial to use if you are an African-American who wants to compare your DNA to African tribes.


28 thoughts on “GEDMatch Tutorial for African American Ancestry DNA

  1. My Ancestry DNA is West,North, East, South Central African, British, Scandinavian, Northwest Russian, Caucasus, South Asian, East Asian, Amerindian.

  2. For my African it show Nilo Saharan, Ubangian Congo, W_Benue Congo, Eastern HG, E_Benue Congo, Southern HG, Western Semitic.

  3. what is up with the AA_Denver? curious to why it's singled out.

  4. Semitic is Hebrew Jew.

  5. Odessa Cee says:

    Western Semitic is actually Hebrew. Semites are original Hebrews. The Fulanis have also been known as the original Hebrews who escaped Israel in 70A.D.

  6. I love that… We are our own tribe… African american… ???

  7. Omar D says:

    Also look up a brother called "Dane Calloway"

  8. Omar D says:

    Sister you are not African, you are "Aboriginal American" type it in on YouTube and know the real history of your people. I bet your grandma said you had "Indian in you"

  9. Maybe someone can answer this for me, now can I use this search method even though my DNA results where a mixture of European, African, and a few others?

  10. Dont rule out the fulani, most fulani are less admixed than African Americans, far less, and the amount is usually with north Africans or middle eastern people, not European which most african americans are mixed with, meaning the admixture would not be conclusive between the two different groups. Also fulani did come in large numbers to the new world form the slave trade as Africans who lived along the coast warred against inland tribes and sold them as slaves at the coast and most fulani live in the sahel or more inland than say the wolof, igbo or yoruba etc. I got similar results too saying i am mostly fulani, however it said i had less distant to fulani in ethiohelix than the distance i had from the African American group in the other tests, so you likely are fulani, anyways great video.

  11. bgbellih says:

    This tutorial was VERY helpful. I couldn't have figured out my tribal breakdown without it. Thank you!

  12. Western Semetic is Absolutely not EUROPEAN!!!!! That is Afro Asiatic Egyptian. Slow down sister.

  13. Thank you very much my sister for educating us on how to use the GEDMatch programs. I had the Fulani group to show up on my results also, however, my ancestry.com DNA results, showed my as being 35% Nigerian and 14% / Benin Togo, 9% Mali, 7% Ivory Coast Ghana and another 7% trace regions, which include Senegal, Cameroon / Congo and Africa South-Central Hunter Gatherers (80% total African). Although the Fulani, tribe pops up in many African American people's results, they are known to live in Northern Nigeria, Benin / Togo, and Cameroon. Also, there have been a number of African American people in South Carolina, known as the Gullah / Geechee people who have traced their DNA ancestry to the Fulani tribe. The Gullah people were instrumental in teaching Southern plantation owners how to farm rice and the Fulani are known for growing rice for hundreds of years.

  14. Hi Lailah, I wonder if the numbers will change as more people participate in the DNA testing… (Actual African within the local of specific areas of Africa) or people simply living in specific towns or countries… Let's face it, no one stays where they are born or from even in Africa… I'm sure some do, but many don't. Wonderful video and very very informative… I thank you for the tutorial on Gedmatch…

  15. Actually, the Fulani heritage should not be disregarded, as a significant number of Fulani slaves were transported to the States, not to mention that the Fulani are in many ways a mixture of African and Middle Eastern ancestry, not African and European, with the Middle Eastern and European components being different enough to tell apart in a DNA test/estimation regarding origins.

  16. The Semitic is African. Look it up. Nice vid:)

  17. Kitty Echo says:

    Thank you for the help. I would not disregard the Nigeria_Fulani, it was number 11 on the list for me. My Ancestry.com DNA test put me at only 4% Nigerian.

  18. We so called African Americans are the biblical Hebrews and I can prove it.

  19. Much appreciated. This video has helped a lot

  20. Beautiful African Queen, you love cool tones in your color palette, you have gorgeous warm skin undertones though!

  21. I wouldn't disregard the Nigeria Fulani. That's very far down on the list for me.

  22. Cree X says:

    Excellent information! I used it and compared it to other projects, and one thing for sure the same tribes keeps popping up. GEDMATCH is really good tool once you understand it, but you definitely have to look up all of the tribes, and used terminologies. Thanks for sharing!

  23. How did you know which group to look in?
    I can only select one, how did you get results for all of the African groups?

  24. I am also African American and when I did the MDLP K23b Oracle my result came back Afro Caribbean instead of AfroAmerican tribe like yours did, can you possibly tell me why?

  25. Zuri Ali says:

    Thank you soooo much this was a LOT of help

  26. Erica Day says:

    I really appreciate this info!

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