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GEDmatch Vs AncestryDNA | Ethnicity Test Result

GEDmatch Vs AncestryDNA | Ethnicity Test Result

Hope this is the kind of comparison you guys were hoping for!

Ask me any questions about GEDmatch or AncestryDNA & I’ll try to answer them 🙂

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22 thoughts on “GEDmatch Vs AncestryDNA | Ethnicity Test Result

  1. Hard to understand and follow. Not helpful.

  2. John Smith says:

    I don't know of any Italian ancestry in my family, but on euro gens k36 chromosome browser, my highest percentage of anything on any chromosome was 45.8% Italian. My Italian averaged out at 12.37% on the pie chart btw

  3. Dan Keav says:

    Thanx! Really confused by all this.

  4. tonelow5 says:

    I’m assuming you are Australian before I’m even getting into your video ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Hardly any pygmy. Rather disappointing.

  6. John Smith says:

    06:40 I went on my version of that graph and I basically have the same amount as Mediterranean as her, but on one of my chromosomes, it says 45.8% Italian. Which is actually the highest number on the entire graph wtf? PLEASE EXPLAIN

  7. A lot of Basque have rh- blood.

  8. Good Vibes says:

    ancestryndna is crap for Asians and to be specific filipinos

  9. Melanesians have the purest untouched DNA in the world. Actually so pure they say it’s alien DNA

  10. ooh interesting, does it tell you what Tribe with the Native American DNA result?

  11. They are looking to improve and expand their data set.

  12. elena79rus says:

    Is it true that other users can see your name and your email address on this website? I want to do it once my 23andme report is ready, but I'm not interested in finding any relatives, and I wouldn't want my personal info or contact info to be available to anyone who's looking for relatives.

  13. Wil liam says:

    Cool! I gotta upload my Raw Dna from Ancestry.com to GEDmatch!

  14. IT CAMe up for me on gedmatch i was jewish and native american, basque, french and iberian but, it did not show up on my 23andme results. on the jewish or native american and I know for a fact my 4th great grandmother was a native american she is in the dawe roll books as such. and all of my cousins and aunts have native american on their dna, and little jewish. so what is happening is that the 23andme/ancestry/heritage use different calculators and if the gene for these does not show up so many times on a certain chromosone they will not add it to your dna results.

  15. Problem is, all I get on One to Many is the message: Kit T***** has not completed batch processing. This could take as much as a couple of days, depending on server loads. But I uploaded over 2 almost a month ago.

  16. This helped me understand GeDMatch better. I took a test and showed SE Asian, some E Asian, and a little Iberian. My sis got the same results but it showed traces of Oceanian and S. Asian.

    In several other calculators including GeDMatch, I have Oceanian and South Asian pop up a lot. Sometimes even AmerIndian. Why did 23andMe not pick up this?

  17. Wow you get black features like my blade niece

  18. Why do you recommend 23and me for Americans?

  19. reneross2 says:

    I already uploaded my GED file to GEDmatch website. Now how do I take the Eurogenes K36 test to get where I come from?
    I'm a bit new to this

  20. Ju says:

    Basque can be both French or Spanish people (as a Nationality now that can vary in dna). That's a big part of France too 🙂

  21. What is North Atlantic exactly ?

  22. L W says:

    Going by the color-Can you find the relatives that are only yellow related? or orange related? or red related?

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