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14 thoughts on “Genes for good to gedmatch.com

  1. chemykl says:

    why use imputed results instead of unphased?

  2. Eli Allen says:

    After following the provided steps (and several upload timeouts) the .zip file is processing. However, I while reading the processing screen I am seeing lots of "chromosome out of range" warnings? Any idea what this means?

  3. 93) ERROR: Either you didn't specify which file to upload, or else it is too large

  4. hey there, the screen has changed at minute 2:16 on GEDMATCH. wondering if you have suggestions for where to upload now?

  5. Nedra E says:

    I followed the directions and it's not working. Is there anything additional I can do? It never completes the gene review.

  6. TT Fyi says:

    Your video was very helpful. Thanks!

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