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How the Golden State Killer was Found with GEDmatch

How the Golden State Killer was Found with GEDmatch

You may have heard the news that the Golden State Killer was caught with GEDmatch. How was it done, and can we genealogists learn anything about it?

Andrew Lee was interviewed by Trisha Thadani of the San Francisco Chronicle for the article, “Arrest of suspected Golden State Killer through genealogy opens ‘Pandora’s box’.” Read that article here: https://www.sfchronicle.com/crime/article/Arrest-of-suspected-Golden-State-Killer-through-12872258.php

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13 thoughts on “How the Golden State Killer was Found with GEDmatch

  1. You sound like a narc just repeating with the police said they did not get discarded DNA from the Angelo they got DNA of his car door handle that is hardly discarding

  2. Jeezus! Use a quality microphone!

  3. Hey Andy, bit of a random question, I'd like to know which DNA kit would be best suited for finding out precise countries of where i'm from. I already know i'm english and scottish, but i don't want the test to just come back with Great Britain (which i've seen is the case with My Heritage) and no break down of precise percentages of how much for example scottish and english i am. Hope you can help with my query Thanks man 🙂

  4. Terrific stuff! We caught The Golden State Killer & I couldn’t be happier!

  5. crawf668 says:

    gedmatch has me completely confusrd. how do read your ethnicity results on it….i just do not understand it at all.

  6. Data rape to catch a rapist… protesters next (already in progress research DNA occupy Wall St) … only fucking idiots help build this system

  7. Why did they use Gedmatch instead of Ancestry.com, etc?

  8. Since the late 1960's virtually every baby born in America has had their DNA taken by the government for genetic testing from the newborn heel stick test (PKU test). you can't opt your child out of the test either. If you've been in the military or worked for certain government agencies then your DNA was collected by the government then too. Think about when you have your blood drawn for medical reasons; what could be done with your DNA.

  9. Marvelous use of DNA technology! Kudos to the folks who tracked down this criminal in my home state.

  10. Also if you do a dna ancestry or 23 and me to destroy your sampleyour gentic code is still in there computer they dont need your dna anymore they striped it of all its vaule.

  11. I have to disagree your dna is by far more vaulable then the stuff you put in facebook or the internet. If a criminal somehow gets control of your dna you can be framed for a crime you never did and if they have your dna your screwed there is no way you can get out of it. I know this is a pretty extreme case but its bettter to be safe then sorry.

  12. The ups and downs on the volume are very disruptive. I feel like getting yelled by my sergeant every time the speaker raises the voice.

  13. Awesome information but the audio is below the quality of your other videos

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