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How to Analyze DNA Chromosomes

How to Analyze DNA Chromosomes

This video shows you how using ancestry.com, gedmatch.com, and Excel can help you find relatives and confirm where DNA is coming from in your family tree. Please leave your questions or comments!


10 thoughts on “How to Analyze DNA Chromosomes

  1. Your little chuckle was adorable hahaha. Thank you for this! My question is, how can you tell that the match is significant enough? The few things I've read have not explained it very well 🙁

  2. I would also love to have a copy of the excel template.

  3. does anyone not have an ant Margaret.

  4. i asimov says:

    The problem with Ancestry DNA circles is that the information provided by users is WRONG.

  5. Kathy King says:

    This was really helpful information! Thank you so much. Would you be willing to share the template that you used in Excel? I would be willing to pay if there is a charge. Thank you!

  6. cpeach54 says:

    The very best video tat I have seen on this subject! Very understandable!!

  7. Do you have a template for your spreadsheet that you could share?

  8. Smore45 says:

    good video….have to set my volume at 100% to hear it though

  9. Ruth Guest says:

    Cant hear it. increase volume.

  10. Do you share the headings you use with your Excel Spreadsheet?

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