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How to Upload Your AncestryDNA Raw Data to Gedmatch

How to Upload Your AncestryDNA Raw Data to Gedmatch

Short instructional guide on how to download your raw AncestryDNA data and then upload that data to Gedmatch.com, a third-party volunteer-run website that offers a variety of autosomal DNA tools.



20 thoughts on “How to Upload Your AncestryDNA Raw Data to Gedmatch

  1. And that's the truth.

  2. Unless you don't know where you came from a DNA test to show ancestry Is a,waste of money and works best if your adopted to find family. Or if your unsure who your mother or father is. The ethnicity results are pure Nonsence and should not be taken seriously.

  3. how do i get my gedmatch number?

  4. Zella H says:

    Very useful information!  Thank you for sharing.  I was able to follow and add my Raw Date from AncestryDNA to Gedmatch.  I also manage my brother's DNA and would like to add his information and get a kit # from GEDmatch.  How do I do that?

  5. Very helpful. Thank you!

  6. I have my Ancestry tree on hide/lock. Can I still do this?

  7. Mine is from Heritage. Not great with computer so guess I will not be able to load. You said my email cannot be found.

  8. Also, on your video it shows which link to click in order to upload DNA from specific companies, (IE: Ancestry, 23 and Me, etc.), but those specific links are no longer on GEDmatch as you attempt to upload. Now you first click the link called "Generic Upload FAST", and continue from there.

  9. Hi there, thanks for this informational video. But I"m wondering if you can't do an update because the Ancestry .com screen where you find the area to download your raw DNA has changed slightly. After watching this, I tried to follow exactly what you did step by step, but I got stuck in trying to find the area to download the raw DNA. Finally figured out it's because it doesn't go exactly this way anymore. The link to download your raw DNA is no longer available in the "hover over/drop down" menu of the DNA tab. NOW you have to go to your main DNA page (the one that shows on one screen, your Genetic Ancestry, your DNA Matches, and DNA Circles), then click the small black box in the upper right corner titled "SETTINGS", and on the right hand side of the next screen, there is another box titled "Download Raw DNA data". Follow the instructions there, which will then send you an email with instructions on how to complete the download. NOTE: Do not use the Safari browser to do this, because it has auto-check area in settings that automatically "unzips" the file as soon as it's downloaded, which then just shows you a .txt file, which is NOT uploadable in that format. It has to be a .zip file. So either change your Safari settings by unchecking the "auto open" feature, or move to another browser, like Firefox or Chrome. I'm only writing this in hope of helping other people not go through the struggle that I did yesterday! 🙂

  10. Happy says:

    Does Gedmatch give an "ethnicity" breakdown like Ancestry – if so how accurate would you think it is? Thanks!!

  11. zac rourke says:

    This video is out of date as there is no longer Ancestry.com it now stops at 23andme

  12. Thanks for this video! I just received my DNA results last week.

  13. Do you know why uploading my Ancestry raw DNA data would yield a kit # beginning with "W" rather than "A"?

  14. Thank you very much for your helpful video!

  15. hi, i did this and went onto my gedmatch account and ancestry wasn't on there only
    Raw DNA file Uploads
    Generic Upload FAST
    23andMe fast & easy
    Do NOT open or un-zip raw
    DNA data files before uploading.
    why is this? thanks

  16. I can not find my Haplogroup, any suggestions n how I can? I did Ancestry then GEDmatch.

  17. Toni Beard says:

    Thank You For Sharing 🙂

  18. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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