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I Like MyHeritage DNA Test the Best and I Highly Recommend It!

I Like MyHeritage DNA Test the Best and I Highly Recommend It!

I am a fan of MyHeritage. And no, there were not aware I was making this video.


7 thoughts on “I Like MyHeritage DNA Test the Best and I Highly Recommend It!

  1. How could ur favorite company be MyHeritage when u didn't test with any other company? U admit to these things which contradict. 23&me is exploding all over the Internet & even celebs use it

  2. My Cousins Dna results from My Heritage weren't accurate. My Heritage uses the Dna of the early uploader's to build their matching data base. That's probably why Lynn G said in her comment that her dna results only gave her 6 matches and one was Asian. They used the Dna of people who tested earlier and matched her with the 6 that they felt could be close matches. Her matches aren't accurate. I wonder if people who pay My Heritage get more matches than people who upload for free. You probably have 125 matches while My cousin only has 8 because he uploaded free. My Heritage could be scamming in how they match people who pay and people who do it for free. They are probably scamming people who upload for free just so they can get your Dna and use it for their comparison of Dna found in populations and then use that to genetically figure out the Dna results of their paying customers.

  3. I agree with you, I found MyHeritage DNA to be very accurate and more so than ancestry dna

  4. Some say it's not accurate. But I'll see about that. I'm comparing with other companies and still waiting for my results

  5. Leah Banks says:

    Just because you like the results more doesn’t mean it’s more accurate. For me, MyHeritage is one of the most inaccurate ones. For example according to MyHeritage I am 37% English yet my mom is 0% and I know that on my dad’s side they are only in the 10% range.

    Also, with all of the sites, I think their population sample groups are not large enough so it leads to some overlapping and uncertainty in certain areas. For ancestrydna, my mom is 66% Europe west and my paternal uncle (father is deceased) is 12%. My result said I was only 14% Europe west BUT 35% Great Britain while both my mom and my uncle were only 9%. In this case I think there is an overlap of Great Britain and Europe West which I’ve seen on differ the sites as well. The point is…. these tests are great and will certainly get more accurate over time, but they will never be perfect and we shouldn’t choose favorites just based on what we think should be true based on our family tree information.

  6. I am not that happy with myHeritage because it didnt really include my mothers ancestry so i would go for ancestryDNA. But yeah myHeritage gave me results of countries my DNA is closest to, because I am literally mix of 2 countries and the results were the all countries in between them including the main 2 if you understand me 😀

  7. Matxe9212 says:

    I dont believe a person should like a test more than the others. Because that brings an emotional aspect to the results. You pick the ethnicities you would like the most etc. kind of a thing. I think one should get tested at all the available companies and then make a comparison and see what is most likely. If your truly interrested in the true result. Ultimately that has been the most accurate things for me do to. Had i only taken MyHeritage i would have believed i was 18% balkan which is completely false.

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