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  1. I had a hard time following you. You would say; “scroll down to here” “My number in this column”….. I do appreciate you trying to help, but this is hard enough. Looking at columns, numbers and words that I do not understand and this video doesn’t even help me follow where you are going makes it so much harder.
    I just can’t continue watching.

  2. i found my match list was very unmatched most of my matches were only 1 0r 2 segments that matched – i was hoping for something a little more closer match

  3. Could you link the others in this series? Thank you!

  4. do you need a PhD in genetics to understand how to use GEDmatch? terribly un user friendly

  5. My understanding is that autosomal DNA is only reliable back to about 200 years. Unless you're doing a Y test and are male you probably aren't seeing info back thousands and thousands of years.

  6. Great video. I am 24% Irish…but on paper I am only 1/8.

  7. thank you. i couldn't find an explanation of admixture at all! lol

  8. Hi Heather, if you are getting the same ethnicity breakdown in most all admixture groups in Gedmatch, does that mean that is what you are? The only one I find that did not give me "South Asian Indian" is Eurogenes K36 , I wonder is it because there is a ethnicity group for "Indo-chinese" and that is where they put my DNA in? I wonder why Ancestry DNA, just gave me 30+/60+ Polynesian and Asian, when I don't really have that high amount of Polynesian basing the amounts I got in Gedmatch admixtures.

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