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Is it worth to buy Myheritage DNA kit?

Is it worth to buy Myheritage DNA kit?

This Video Review is done by 12/22/2017.
Do the home work if you really want to take this test

I personally turned down to it.
– The retail price is $99
I bought it on promotion in early July, 2017
paid $79+$10 shipping, then it dropped to $69+shipping, and it finally dropped to $49+free shipping???? It’s only been a few months.
– If you don’t compare you would know what other companies can do, they not only tells your ethnicity(ies), they also show you a stat of your potential health risks, and recommend your ideal diet, and lots more….
So I think it doesn’t worth that much, unless you catch the promotion train.
– From buying til receiving the result was taking closely to 3 months on my case.
– They did not update anything ever since the day I received my result from 9/10/2017.
– They will ask you to upgrade your package, I wouldn’t do that since they already not providing sufficient data.

Again, do your homework before make your purchase, and if you already made your mind to buy it, just wait til they dropped to $49+free shipping.

Good luck!


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  1. Every situation will be different – u cannot base everything on ur own one personal experience – perhaps u do not have the same diversity mixture as some people – it sounds as if u had a fair idea that u were not a big mixture of ethnicities – so it's more than likely quite accurate – they could have made something up would u have been happier with that!!??

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  3. AlexMoby says:

    I received my results and I quite disagree. In my case, it took less than 2 months from the order to receiving the online results. Perhaps I was more lucky than you I suppose. I used the Thanksgiving promotion and did not have to pay the delivery cause some of my colleagues were interested as well (when I told them fortunately, I was not scared to look nerdy xD ). I think you should transfer for free your raw data to websites like DNA.Land in order to exploit better your results. I was surprised I got a higher percentage of Iberian than North-West European but DNA.Land showed me that it's fairly easy to confuse Southern French blood (my mother's family hailed from that region) with Iberian blood. On its blog article about their Ethnicity Estimate, MyHeritage wrote it's still an estimation and they want to improve it in order to add new ethnicities and to have more accurate estimation (the 1st estimation tended to give British blood to people from the continent). I would like to trust them and I wait for their next update. BTW, have a merrtyu Christmas and a happy new year 😉

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