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13 thoughts on “Journal Pages: My Heritage

  1. Lizzy, Oh family history is right up my alley!! Your heritage layout is great!! Recently I had my DNA tested. I knew quite a bit already of my family history as I have researching my family since the mid 1970's, but, I found some interesting surprises as well! Bravo on a great job you did on your family heritage layout!!

  2. Laura Soto says:

    Muy linda página… en especial porque aparece mi país. Saludos de Chile.

  3. Rita Marie says:

    Lizzy, what a beautiful page!  

  4. Very special page Lizzy! Great idea with the maps for the background and the texture is also great.

  5. Dolly Bee says:

    Such a special page, really loved how you connected the countries 

  6. Wonderful pages, Linda

  7. lovely work and easy to follow tutorial, you are awesome Lizzy!

  8. I'm in the process of making a heritage page for a swap with 2 others and you have given me a lot of inspiration! Thank you for sharing your lovely work. Rosemary

  9. Love your pages as always!!

  10. Just love this Lizzy! I love the map and your background work! You are always my number 1 inspiration!

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