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Let’s Play Rogue Legacy [1] – My Heritage

Let’s Play Rogue Legacy [1] – My Heritage

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17 thoughts on “Let’s Play Rogue Legacy [1] – My Heritage

  1. Insulus says:

    haha, santa clause in the window.

  2. Xordania says:

    Mathas, could you share some insight on the frame rate issues I've been encountering? It can't be my PC because I can play BF3 on low graphics 40fps with 30-50 players :/ It makes no sense

  3. I was waiting for you to start doing a series for this one. I love this game so much <3

  4. Pretty sure it's the game…

  5. Are the frame rate issues on my end or yours?

  6. Marrow042 says:

    I don't believe the journal entries are yours, they are those of the prince of the king you slew. Dwarfism lets you go throw those small secret tunnels. You are quite right about the game controller to play the game, it makes a huge difference if you are used to playing console games. I thought the down attack was particularly difficult using the keyboard. At 16:45 there was a secret path in the ceiling. you can see the sparkles of the chest and the grey that shows where you can go up.

  7. MoJo Pro says:

    You should play cube world, an amazing voxel based indie game by wollay. Contact him on Twitter @wollay, he'll probably give u a test for the game your welcome

  8. Amazing mathas! I was on my way here to suggest you do a lets play of rogue legacy and well, what do ya know you already did!

  9. Go into settings if you dont want to tap spacebar/attack to attack downwards/fall down ledges.

  10. a new video great! and this is new :O

  11. The BS looks like he has some stuff available already… i may be wrong, however you may want to check b4 u toss the 100g away….

  12. get the enchantress cause you can then unlock runes which let you do stuff like double jumping dashing and sprinting

  13. Thanks for being awesome, Mathas!

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