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Level1 News June 13 2018: One Horsepower of Lies

Level1 News June 13 2018: One Horsepower of Lies


2:32 – VPNFilter Can Also Infect ASUS, D-Link, Huawei, Ubiquiti, UPVEL, and ZTE Devices
3:49 – Firmware Vulnerabilities Disclosed in Supermicro Server Products
5:00 – Cisco Removes Backdoor Account, Fourth in the Last Four Months
6:32 – Hacked: 92 Million Account Details for DNA Testing Service MyHeritage
7:57 – TSB admits 1,300 accounts hit by fraud amid IT meltdown
10:21 – Ticketfly Says 27 Million Accounts Compromised During ‘Malicious’ Attack
11:15 – Private Internet Access’ “No-Logging” Claims Proven True Again in Court
13:51 – Experts warn it’s ‘only a matter of time’ before hackers hijack a plane midflight
15:54 – Tech Support Scammers Use Victims’ Webcams to Secretly Record ‘Testimonials’ for YouTube
18:46 – China hacked a Navy contractor and secured a trove of highly sensitive data on submarine warfare
20:44 – Intel: We ‘Forgot’ to Mention 28-Core, 5-GHz CPU Demo Was Overclocked
24:22 – AMD tops Intel with its 32-core Threadripper 2, which will ship this year
26:06 – Nvidia CEO says it will be ‘a long time’ before next-gen GeForce GPUs
28:06 – Ubisoft CEO: Cloud gaming will replace consoles after the next generation
30:27 – Microsoft sinks data centre off Orkney
32:41 – The first 3D printed houses will be built in the Netherlands this year
33:26 – Oath is killing off Yahoo Messenger on July 17
34:16 – Flight-sim maker threatens legal action over Reddit posts discussing DRM
36:01 – Coinbase Acquires Financial Services Firm to Become SEC-Regulated Broker Dealer
37:23 – With deal to close this week, Bayer to retire Monsanto name
39:19 – Nasa Mars rover finds organic matter in ancient lake bed

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28 thoughts on “Level1 News June 13 2018: One Horsepower of Lies

  1. Consoles already allow you to play them after you downoad pass a certain point

  2. Sean David says:

    Where is the new episode

  3. BoostCTRL says:

    I guess its time to flash DD-WRT on my R7000.

    Im not sure if its even necessary since it sits behind my pfsense router…

  4. GJSelect says:

    Your exit screen is zoomed in past the words.

  5. Move data centres to Greenland or Antarctica, then you can replace broken parts

  6. Bobbobb6 says:

    So, YT has started sending out email notifications for videos AFTER I watch them…. I only get notifications after I watch something…….. This has been reliable too recently, I'll get your notification in 10 mins or so

  7. Tech says:

    Great show guys!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Two Good says:

    Just so you guys know, I'm LOVING the end card being mostly off frame. Bold design choices ๐Ÿ˜‰ what is that like 245%?

  9. You need to send Ryan to computex next year to review hardware and wine. Nice!

  10. For my engagement, I have selected Welcome Back! Good to see the "newsreel effect" is gone! Thank you to someone!

  11. A bigger question, if we put all our data centers in the ocean, what would it do to ocean temperatures?

    If the data-center is powered by the kinetic energy in the ocean, does the heat produced by the equipment add to the temperature in the ocean?

  12. Anti Virus says:

    29:48 An failed online platform, called "A world of my Own" did this 10 years ago, i downloaded 100 to 2gb of game data and as i played it it continued to download the game.
    It was overall really really great. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Awomo

  13. The Peggles of the world can do WHAT?!?!

  14. Like'd for Wendall's security meltdown halfway through
    We know buddy

  15. Best drinking game ever Ryan thanks for killing my liver in the first minute Jesus Christ

  16. Good episode. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I need these Pro Criminal Tips in a Playlist for "Research" XD

  18. Full Modular
    hey wendell, you could make a video on setting up openvpn on vps.

  19. Toan Ho says:


    The reason Nvidia is not hyping things up is because they are holding back their best technologies, because their is no competition. They do not need to sell the next gen because they dominate the current one without the next gen tech they have already developed.

  20. Gally says:

    guy in the thumbnail looks like he could go for a delicious grilled cheese

  21. Cisco and AMD announced some kind of partnership regarding Epyc (And suspiciously close after they announced 7nm being sampled to partners) during Computex. I wonder if they're having a time getting any kinks out.

  22. Faf Dus says:

    use a 2 mile wifi antana……… thats worth like 6 layers

  23. Intel IS SO DESPERATE.. tHEY don't even know what to do next no they are lying to the public, they just made 5.0GHZ on a 6 core.. That is with a 280 Rad at least though, That's what they forget to mention to customer's tho.. YOU ARE NOt going to hold 5.0Ghz on a CORE that long without exotic cooling.. There will never be a 28 core 5Ghz CPU… That was just a poor stunt to steal Thread Ripper's 32 core 64 Thread $1000 a chip thunder, With a Xeon Chip Basically on LMn cooling.. LOL and SMH, because of all the Blue Fanboy Fool's who actually believed this Shyt, and argued with me for like 2 days about this stunt… It's so funny because Intel People are like Republican's, Or Apple People, You can show them the !(truth)! and they still don't believe it..

  24. @40:47 I initially thought Wendell said, "they found amino acids in comments". Well that's just silly, there's no life here.

  25. I engaged today, I have not pooped today though.

  26. The way to get ok internet in the country around here is directional wireless links between neighbors and farms.
    But most people just settle for 4g through their phones.

  27. WaZabi says:

    I am not sure how threadripper would handle scientific workload since, to my knowledge, there is no support for the AVX-512 instruction set. However for a video editing workload it should be fine.

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