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Linking Cousins to their GEDmatch Data

Linking Cousins to their GEDmatch Data

To make the most of your DNA test, you need two types of information: full chromosome segment data and documented family trees. The problem is, none of the commercial testing companies fulfill both of those needs. Does that mean you have to go without?

Not when you use all of the platforms at your disposal. This tutorial will show you how to synthesize segment data and tree data between all of the websites you use. And with an Access database, you’ll have all of the information you need in one place!

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6 thoughts on “Linking Cousins to their GEDmatch Data

  1. Why is it important to sort by testing company?

  2. M Den says:

    Hi Heather, great video! can you please explain using GED once you find that you and another individual share DNA on two segments of at least 13.5cM? what do you need to do to find out who in your Family history has allowed you to share DNA a make you related each other?

  3. I love the template! Thank you! Just learning how to use it – should I entered my father's matches with me? And if so, its of course on more than 6 lines -should I add him more than once or should I go and add fields to the table? I read the help file but still not sure which way to do it.

  4. Heather, can you do something on Triangulation

  5. You, my friend, are a brilliany woman. Can't wait to get home to download your template tonight!

  6. Alex41 says:

    I tried your Etsy website hoping to see an example of each of your products, but it does not seem to be an option. Am I missing something?

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