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Luke Capon-“My Heritage”

Luke Capon-“My Heritage”

This is my first tune recorded with my new Ampeg Heritage SVT amp! Straight out the DI with a hint of reverb and compression. A massive thank you again to Bass Guitar magazine and especially to the boys at Ampeg-the gear is incredible!
Bass/Guitars: Luke Capon
Drums/sound engineer/video editing/all round wonderful person: Andy Keel


9 thoughts on “Luke Capon-“My Heritage”

  1. Wow. All the previous comments do not do this justice. This groove is so funky that it gave me GOOSEBUMPS!! I'm sure Miles would have said, "You're a bad MF."

  2. Dan Capon says:

    NIce job Broseph! Keel, you rock too buddy.

  3. Nice playing…great sound…features the bass very musically without being 'wanly'…great job!

  4. The 87 says:

    Luke, This is amazing! Both musicians are great in this! Luke we need a drink soon. Richie Smith…

  5. well done boys!!!
    happy birthday to you both!!

  6. Great stuff mate, I love Mark King.

  7. Luke Capon says:

    Thanks guys. My bass is signed by TM Stevens on the top left, then moving clockwise it's John "Rhino" Edwards-from Status Quo, then the incomparable Victor Wooten and last but not least Mark King. The autographs make my bass sound so much better 😀

  8. great, who's your bass signed by?

  9. this is so catchy, really amazing job!

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