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My Ancestry DNA Kit Results Compared to Gedmatch

My Ancestry DNA Kit Results Compared to Gedmatch

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My dreams of finding my family members became a reality last month when I took the Ancestry DNA test. The test revealed a ton of possible relatives, along with a few more surprises:

– Very little native american blood
– Middle Eastern, Asian & a large percentage of E. European ancestry

I uploaded my results on Gedmatch, and the results were even more astounding and confusing. Check out the video to see more!



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45 thoughts on “My Ancestry DNA Kit Results Compared to Gedmatch

  1. Thank you for doing this I just downloaded my stuff from My Heritage to Gedmatch. It's a bit confusing.

  2. wicious says:

    I love your no-nonsense attitude about losers who come on to say "YOU AIN'T BLACK! YOU AUNT CHEROKEE!" or whatever. Get a life seriously. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. Cathy D. says:

    Lol DNA Nazi's ????

  4. It's rude if people say 'why you wanna be special – you just black' actually that's not true. AND it's interesting to explore our DNA and ancestry stories. It's like a treasure hunt!

  5. I want to do this! I am also do into this

  6. nj1639 says:

    We all are more alike than what some would want us to believe.

  7. P C says:

    I know what you mean an idiot Work colleague just mocked me when I told him I had my results and am 54% European Ashkenazi but have 4.7% African ancestry. I am a Jew as my mum was but He just said liar you cannot have African I mean what a moron! Enjoy your discovery.

  8. QTee says:

    I am Latin Caribbean, I don't give a shit what these people think.. my gr8 grandma was my ROCK! ALL of us in our family… and her European family were the elders in our family..that is who we knew and that is who loved me… the fact that she was white was neither here nor there for her for us… she was born in our country too so she shared our culture..I take pride in my Caribbean roots…. I absolutely LOOOOOVE my people and culture– and yes, mostly out of W Africa they came but I am not sure on the slavery in that region because great grandparents that are Black are too pure to have come through that .. I am only 13% white European split the two regions in half that I've mentioned– neither slave holding areas. . Plus I have Near East at 6% and they consider that European/Arab which explains why all of those middle eastern men are always trying to holler at me on Facebook! I'm telling you they kinda freak me out because it happens A LOT ..but there are trace numbers of Iran and Iraq to add to that 6% making it about 7%. I know where the people from my nation come from and that Near East blood is from Lebanon– I have cousins who are mostly Near East as well and they know for sure their Lebanese grandfather.. so people this is not a slight to West Africa– these are just the facts.. I love all of my interesting lineage and plan to see how detailed I can get with the African blood– most of which comes from Nigeria. So i will start there. My family is from a country in Central America Btw.. we are not African Americans– so this is why it is important to note– our admixtures are different including where we come from ethnically in West Africa– this is important too. West Africans do not lump each other into one category any more than Europeans or Asians…

  9. QTee says:

    Girl you look like Salt from Salt N Peppa! LOL

  10. QTee says:

    LOVE GEDMATCH! I finally got some clarification on what Ancestry could not. Ancestry could not give me definitive numbers for Africa and Europe… they only were iron clad about my Native American figures. Most people get a Pie number for all areas…they only knew for certain I am 15% Native American… GedMatch found my dear gr grandmother's lineage which is not a common European bloodline so that's why they just gave me a bunch of European #s from all over Europe but now GedMatch has found the correct numbers instead of all of those small unsure numbers, yay! One thing they did get right was my Italian/Greek lineage which stayed the same! Im definitely part Roman… the other portion is from the Basque people of Northern Europe.. i knew i had to have DNA from there because Im RH negative and i know sshe told me that her mother and her family eas from there..My African DNA is pretty reliable at this point because GedMatch was consistent here too! Woohoo!

  11. Block your kit number in the future

  12. LWJCarroll says:

    Yes I agree with you its fun! Found my NW African connection I think it was, via GEDMatch tiny percentage but THERE!! And also had the Baloch which is the first time I knew of this…. Waiting for my Mums Ancestry kit to be received and processed and will upload to GEDMatch as well…. Its interesting how it shows our ancestors moved around… I have some Amerindian apparently far out!! which helps point to one side of the family being in the USA etc…Thought I was mainly Irish/Scottish but now lots more!!…Thanks Regards Laurie

  13. I like you’re voice you seem like a nice person . Thank you for doing this video , I want to do these tests as well

  14. Ancestry told me I had no Native American ancestry, but GEDMatch is saying I do.

  15. My Raw DNA results were so different than my Ancestry DNA results!

  16. Yours look pretty accurate still compared to Ancestry DNA. I did 23andMe and just got SE Asian, Chinese, and Iberian. My sister got these too but she got S. Asian and Oceanian. GedMatch made mine look more diverse and included the S. Asian and Oceanian lol

  17. So girl you is biracial like it or not you are what you are

  18. Yardy82 says:

    I got try this I most have family all over the place as mix as I am

  19. Ellie Slym says:

    Check out my DNA results on my channel!???

  20. Beringian is Yup'ik and Iñupiaq maybe

  21. GED Match is interesting. I'm probably going to this with my results . Thanks for the tip

  22. I agree. DNA Nazis. Why do they care what we want to know about ourselves.

  23. Oof says:

    Idk why but I don’t trust GedMatch. It looks so unprofessional

  24. Here is a link featuring a BBC Documentary about who the first Native Americans were. They were not who we keep being taught they are.


  25. And where do I go to see my real DNA chart

  26. Yo I did my gedmatch and how do I read it

  27. Cecily Jamelia TV; I enjoyed your video. I just wanted to share some information on how to find the specific African tribe you belong to, by using GEDmatch. The youtube link below is a tutorial on how to do that.


  28. I'm half German (3rd gen) and half Ghanaian (2nd gen) and running my data through multiple DNA calculators was awesome. You have to make sure to study the groups and migration patterns beforehand and that you use the correct calculator. For example: I'm Balochi and Caucasian, the Caucasus region is on the border of Europe and Asia, which some people might see and assume Caucasian just means white. You get the most out of it the more time and energy you put into the details. I ran it through these calculators and my original FTDNA results and averaged them all out. My mom is full German (some Swedish) and she has 5% Italian and 10% Middle Eastern ancestry I didn't even know about. I also came back as English- because I don't have any recent ancestors who are British, it's pretty likely that when Ghana was colonized by the British one of my ancestors was raped, but I'm hoping that it was consensual and one of my recent ancestors has more recent British heritage I didn't know about. Overall it's so interesting and exciting.

  29. roseTee1 says:


  30. Great video! I am with you – DNA results are so fascinating. Forget the trolls and haters. They are sad, miserable people. You are finding out more about yourself and that's something I respect. Knowledge is power.

    Ancestry confirmed what I already knew about my recent family history but gedmatch revealed the origins of ancient ancestors and how my ancestors fit into world history. The archaic DNA matches function is fascinating. I can see which ancient burials that they have dna sequenced that match with my ancient ancestors. I highly recommend it if you haven't tried that function yet.

  31. Auxora says:

    So far, I've had two people come to me, confronting me on my interests of my ancestors. "Now is what matters." Yes, I know that but history is what makes now. And then the other worried that finding my ancestors would change who I am. xD Overall, it's really my business. I've always been a history nut, and to know who brought me to today, I find very interesting. As for those who want to bash others for finding this stuff interesting, may originally have a problem with their own ancestry. It beats me as to why anyone would want to bash someone else for finding their own ancestry unless they have some serious self loathing problems that stir up jealously in others.

    The whole reason I wanted to take a DNA test is because I'm mixed. My mom is Mexican and my dad is, of course, white with german ancestors. Plus, I wanted to unveil some rumors that were going around my mom and dad's gossipy family, lol. My mom said her grandma was a native american, that she would do rituals to bring rain, and even talked to her in the native tongue, but there's no knowing what kind of native she was. So that was really my biggest motive to do a DNA test. My sister and I took it together and we ended up with very similar results. We found that we have a quarter of Native American, and since then, I have been really digging up my mom's grandparents and great greatparents and so on and so forth, but no luck yet. >__<

  32. I did 23andme and I have 0.6% unassigned what do that mean?

  33. Carrita says:

    It's not weird that people get the same African countries…if you notice most African Americans won't have very much East African in them…those countries are the West African countries that the slave trade came from…also…Ancestry on has 8 test regions in Africa. I've seen some videos where the person was 30% Nigerian…you're only 2%…so it's not the same.

  34. Amal says:

    Sorry but there is no way I'm Caucasian, and South indian. This is bs. Not a single person in my family is white or south indian. You gotta be kidding me.

  35. John Smith says:

    I don't get GEDmatch, I don't know what "project" to use. I'm 37% Europe West, 32% Irish, 18% British, 6% Scandinavian, 4% Finland/NW Russia, 2% Eastern European and 1% Caucasus (0-5%). On GEDmatch it shows a lot of Mediterranean (about a quarter) as well as some west Asian (about 11%). My paternal grandmother could pass as Mediterranean with middle eastern. Has ancestry messed up my results and GEDmatch is showing my true results? Also, what project should I use?

  36. Happy says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  37. I know this video is 2 years old, but the reason we are mostly from the same place is because that's where the ports were. They weren't going to land locked Affrican countries. A lot of it you will find is regional. Most of the ships sailed from West Africa. Different sections of the Americas can often be traced back to different sections on West Africa through the DNA correlation of Black Americans in certain regions and Africans of a certain region. Hope that helps

  38. What a fantastic story, and a terrific vlog! You are an incredibly awesome woman and you have taught me and inspired me! Thank you for your efforts and work!

  39. Thank you for this video! Very interesting stuff. Gedmatch is kind of confusing but I was also shocked at some of the things that came up for me. LOTS of Central & West Asia (like up to 10%) when my Ancestry results were 46% African, 54% European, and nothing else. Definitely cool to take a deeper dive into things.

  40. maianation says:

    I'm 99% finnish and have 1% Inuit (that is said to be from the Bering/Alaska/Greenland are.

    Who knows how people have migrated way back then. 🙂

    I haven't yet uploaded my data to Gedmatch but most definitely will 🙂

  41. Don't worry about other people. I find genealogy fun too.

  42. YangSing1 says:

    How do you use the admixture option because my Gedmatch results depending on what I click on, are different to my Ancestry DNA results

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