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My ancestry DNA results – MyHeritage

My ancestry DNA results – MyHeritage

My ancestry DNA results that I got from Myheritage.com (no).


25 thoughts on “My ancestry DNA results – MyHeritage

  1. Dil gêrm says:

    Hi kurdish sister I am kurdish too I have almost similar results LOL we are one people but I do not look south asian I am confused

  2. Cutie are you muddle East term

  3. Anonymous says:

    People that say you look indian must have never seen a kurd, because you look sooo kurdish. They just see the straight dark hair and go with indian.

  4. What the f**k, 95% west Asian wow, I haven’t seen anyone get that much west Asian, I’m from northern Iran and I got 76 caucuses, 14 Italy Greece, 4 European Jewish, 4 south Asian, 1 Middle East, 1 Europe east, by the way I am from Tabriz

  5. u are 100% Asian beauty??

  6. Rik P says:

    That 5% weighs way more, cause you really look indian! But iranic peoples and hindic ones are connected, so….

  7. Im watching these videos as i wait for my results ??so impatient.. im indian from South Africa!

  8. Im kurdish from turkey, and i got : 80% west asian, 7% italy 4% middle eastrn 4% jewish 5% south and east asia

  9. Josh M says:

    I'm half South Asian and you look South Asian to me. You are likely partly Parsi. Also, I've found that MyHeritage has a very inaccurate algorithm. I've checked 23andme, MyHeritage, DNA.Land, WeGene, and Gedmatch and 23andme was by far the most accurate, in my opinion. p.s. nice brief video!

  10. Alexis J. says:

    Try GEDmatch now, it's even more interesting.

  11. Tahnn Ju says:

    Yours is the highest Caucasian/caucus mountain result online. Kool results https://youtu.be/dCm0LUqAkTM

  12. Zohra Da says:

    you are looking good like a beautiful persienne princess

  13. Desi Boy says:

    Your 5.7% south Asia make sense. Many Iranians also get around 10%, someone even around 20%. South Asia has a good chunk of alleles which is similar to west Asian alleles.

  14. Annie, Marry me… You're beautiful

  15. mtarkes says:

    5.7%? You look like 95% Indian and i am saying that as an Indian.

  16. I can totally see your Indian!

  17. ??☺ You look Hindi

  18. ULGMX says:

    Europe is Atlantic Asia.
    India is South Asia and Central Asia but not in Asia
    White is a Indian Subrace

  19. I thought you were North Indian so i think that's how your South Asian DNA contributed.????

  20. Cree X says:

    Great video! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Excellent results….You come from an area that covers the cradle of ancient human civilisations

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