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My Ancestry DNA results on Gedmatch!!!

My Ancestry DNA results on Gedmatch!!!

Here i have another look into my Ancestry resullts this time on gedmatch


32 thoughts on “My Ancestry DNA results on Gedmatch!!!

  1. You look super Sicilian. So many people near my father’s hometown that look like you.

  2. John Smith says:

    Did you have to go into modeling, they'll snap you up so quick

  3. tonelow5 says:

    U look Irish or British . Very interesting voice . You could be a public speaker .

    Superb video !!!!!!!

    What are you ?

  4. Bee Hanna says:

    Your face is really just enjoyable to look at

  5. What is that accent?

  6. Hello Paul. I'm African American with about a quarter Greek/Italian dna that I was unaware of. I believe it's Greek though because on Ancestry dna I have 2nd, 3rd, 4th and a ton of distant cousin matches who are Greek. I think it's pretty cool. On Gedmatch, it allowed me to see what my father's results would have been a technique they use called phasing. 23andme does it too. Will have to get one of your parents tested. (used mom's results. Using Gedmatch's Eurogenes K13 admixture was very interesting. My dad literally came up with half your results: North Atlantic 11.22, Baltic 7.82, West Asian 8.37, West Med 9.68, East Med 13.28 & Red Sea 1.05
    Minus the Sub-Saharan, Northeast African, Oceanian, Amerindian, Siberian, East Asian & South Asian.
    Using the 1 population approximation oracle ,Greek Thessaly is #5 & Central Greek is #10.
    2 populations approximation oracle 50% Bantu + 50% Greek Thessaly.
    Using 3 populations approximation, 50% Greek Thessaly + 25% Luhya + 25% Mandenka.
    Like you, I don't like the last population approximation.
    I really like your dna video as it gives me some clarification on my dad's background. Nice video…..


  8. I’m dot like your video

  9. 1 says:

    You look like a Greek god ??

  10. 444suse says:

    European hunter gatherers? I know these folks. Many of them are in Wall Street.

  11. Neobreaker says:

    Hello, Nice video. If you want to try and get more specific results I would try ordering a test from Ancestry.com, they have the largest DNA database of all the companies so it should give you better results. Also you can upload your data from Ancestry to Gedmatch and compare it directly to your 23andme test. Last I knew Ancestry was having a sale on their DNA kits, they are regularly $99 US but they are on sale for $69 and if you use this link http://refer.dna.ancestry.com/s/neobreaker61361 It will save you $10 off as well.

  12. Italian Jewish, Ashkinazi Jewish , Algerian Jewish ????. i thought all Jews came from one place ? All fucked up

  13. JustJack says:

    You are a very pretty human.

  14. You and I would make some pretty babies…. just saying LOL

  15. You never wanna say Armenian lmao

  16. Yea you look greek

  17. your nose looks greek and your mouth region (lips) jewish, so must be mostly mediterranean.

  18. Cool Kek says:

    your eyes reminded me of some images i saw online of pure aryans from india

  19. i am from Baltic,you match my on family finder?
    You have nice hands 🙂

  20. You look very greek, straight nose,and facial features. Good luck to you

  21. I can't stop staring at you're beautiful eyes and sexy full lips.you're very handsome.❤️??

  22. Din Sel says:

    I have done many of these tests at GEDMatch..

    I am getting a lot of Tuscany (Italian), Thesaly (Greek), Albanian, Kosovar.

    All 8 of my Great Grandparents are Kosovar Albanians.. so I know my ethnicity.

    But Albanians, Greeks & Italians share a lot of DNA.

    Ancestry DNA test categorises them as a group.

    GEDMatch is free and brilliant for people who know how to use it.

  23. John Smith says:

    What about the pie charts?

  24. My gosh you're eyes are mesmerizing. I couldn't stop looking at your eyes.

  25. Yva Ano says:

    So…how come Asians and Africans can't use this test?

  26. I prefer MDLP K23b to Eurogenes K13 and K15.

    MDLP K23b (partial results):

    Using 1 population approximation:
    1 German-Volga @ 3.314329
    2 South_German @ 6.082664
    3 Belgian @ 8.080059
    4 Serb_Serbia @ 8.337283
    5 Dutch @ 8.427667
    6 Austrian @ 8.629769
    7 Frisian @ 8.792868
    8 English @ 8.920567
    9 Italian_North @ 9.155230
    10 Irish @ 9.279936
    11 Montenegrian @ 9.725477
    12 German_East @ 9.751741
    13 North_European @ 10.369263
    14 English_Kent_GBR @ 10.646758
    15 English_Cornwall_GBR @ 11.227110
    16 Bulgarian @ 11.245511
    17 North_German @ 11.275729
    18 Macedonian @ 11.623790
    19 CEU @ 11.635721
    20 Welsh @ 11.849270

    Using 2 populations approximation:
    1 50% Finn_West +50% Italian_Piedmont @ 1.961760

    Using 3 populations approximation:
    1 50% English_Cornwall_GBR +25% Russian_North +25% Sicilian_Center @ 1.170713

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