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My DNA Ancestry Results | My Heritage DNA

My DNA Ancestry Results | My Heritage DNA

Am I as Black as I think/ (hope) I am? Y’all, I’m sorry but I talked a lot at the beginning of this video. BUT, I felt like you needed to hear about my background (essentially I have African-American and Trinidadian roots). Fast forward to the 8:00 minute mark to get to the results. This was NOT sponsored. However, I totally recommend My Heritage DNA though, it only took about 3 weeks for me to get my results. Talk soon! Byeeee!


13 thoughts on “My DNA Ancestry Results | My Heritage DNA

  1. God Driven says:

    Cool Results .. Yay ! Im 91.6 % AFRICAN 
    Nigerian 56.3 %.
    Sierra Leonean 22.7%
    West African 1.0%
    Kenyan 4.3%
    Ethiopian 2.8%
    Egyptian 4.5%

    Euro 6.4%
    Native America 2%

  2. MxTooReal says:

    Your almost a perfect sacatra! Which is 87.5% african and 12.5% other

  3. MxTooReal says:

    Do ancestry dna its the best one

  4. She Wicked says:

    I was born in Jackson, MS so that’s cool. Never seen any videos with anyone from Mississippi or their parents so can’t wait for these results lol

  5. mari hun says:

    Forward to 8:39 starts talking

  6. You and my mom have similar results and she’s also Trini and American lol cool! ?

  7. Sis, May I be honest with you, my heritage is not a good company. I’ve had my test done via 23andMe as well as African Ancestry. The results were consistent. Years later for kicks, I used my heritage because it was crazy cheap. They had the geographical location completely wrong while the percentage of was slightly correct. I would not trust the results of My Heritage. You may need to be tested again.

  8. Sow Cherno says:

    You indeed looks like a Sierra Leonean

  9. I like how you gave yourself a score of B+ African that was cute. Maybe you will get that A when you do ancestry.com.

  10. Saw Trini flag and watched LOL

  11. So is Grenada a dumb or slow explosive island?

  12. I was watching another ancestry video then i saw your video on the list and thought "oh shes cute" now here i am thanks for sharing 😉

  13. Tae J says:

    My Heritage group different African counties into Nigeria. I'm pretty sure you're also Cameroon/Congo, Mali, Ivory Coast/Ghana, Senegal, Benin/Togo. Hopefully in the future My Heritage properly categorize Africa because as of now it's off as far as West Africa goes. Btw, Ethiopia isn't North African it's East African.

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