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My Gunbelt for my Heritage Rough Rider 22 caliber Revolver

My Gunbelt for my Heritage Rough Rider 22 caliber Revolver

Very nice custom gun belt and holster made from a friend of mine that I’ve trapped for.


14 thoughts on “My Gunbelt for my Heritage Rough Rider 22 caliber Revolver

  1. i like it i have the same gun with pearl grips…and im from greenbrier county wva

  2. zac cole says:

    Great setup. Does he have a website or anything?

  3. Are you related to Buffalo Bill Cody?

  4. weejams says:

    I like the belt but not the holster slot though. Wearing a gun bet kind of sux though no matter what. That damn buckle always seems to get in the way or uncomfortable so for me it was easier and way better buying a regular smooth gun belt and the holster so I can slide the buckle and the holster still be in a really good position while in a pickup, horse back or on the seat of a four wheeler in the field. But on the range or just shooting targets on safe enough property, what you have there is pretty sweet. Hell you can see the imperfections which pretty much says it was hand made. But you really can't beat leather for durability. Hell the smell of it is something that can't be reproduced with synthetics.

    LOL I have three Rough Riders and my first one is just as worn as yours but probably way older. I bought it in "00 before the nicer grips and single cut hammers. I used the hell out of it and now I have two newer ones with the nicer cocobollo grips and solid type hammers. This gun belt you have may not be the "purtiest" gun belt out there without all the stamping but damn it is something you can take into the woods, desert or plains and actually use. But not all cowboys can be Hollywood heroes. In real life Gun belts suck but you need them and leather holds up better than woven nylon. We get wet from rain and sweat and it gets a hint of wood smoke and gets worn and seasoned but still works. Good Video.

  5. Chris Roth says:

    Cody i just purchased this same Pistol, Do you have contact info for this man i would like to get something like this belt and holster.

  6. sour mash says:

    Does your friend make them to sell?Or was it just a one time thing because you are buds?My dad is wanting a western style holster,but i cant find any.

  7. Awsome looking good the maker put some work in it

  8. Bill Summy says:

    AWESOME !!!! looks great glad you got it pard !

  9. Yes sir, that is beautiful!

  10. cajunski1 says:

    Really nice. I wonder how much he would charge to make me one like it ?

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