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My Heritage DNA New Free Ethnicity Report

My Heritage DNA New Free Ethnicity Report

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I downloaded my raw dna file from Ancestry.com to my heritage dna and they sent me this awesome free report. Thank you my heritage DNA!!

Comparison to other DNA companies below

Orkney Islands – Archipelago, off the North East coast of Scotland (makes sense b/c I have an Irish/Scottish surname)
Orcadian – Natives of Orkney islands, they descended from Picts, Norse, and Scots

Ancestry.com said I was 89% African of that African I am 22% Ivory coast/Ghana, 16% Nigerian, 14% Southeastern Bantu, Cameroon/Congo 11%, Benin/Togo 9%, Mali 7%, Senegal 6%, Africa North 3%, Africa South Central Hunters and Gatherers less than 1% + 11% European of that 11% I am 8 % Great Britain, 3% Finland and N.West Russia and less than 1% Ireland

GEDmatch said I was 84% African, 13% or 11 % Eurasian or European, 2 % Asian, less than 1 % Middle Eastern and less than 1 % Native American

DNA.land says I am 85 % African, 13% West Eurasian, 1.8 % Kalash (Pakistan, India), 1.8% Ambigous

My Heritage says I am 84% African as well as GEDmatch says the same but I am 2% more European according to MyHeritage. I am a lot more Nigerian according to MyHeritage compared to Ancestry.com. This shocked me as well as made me happy. I have a closer sense of where I come from after having received this report and I am overjoyed.

Who is more accurate , what are your thoughts? Leave a comment below

Overall, I think GEDmatch, DNA.Land and Myheritage were close percentage wise with my African ancestry. GED match and Ancestry were close with my European percentages. GEDmatch and DNA.Land were a little off compared to Ancestry when it came to my African percentage. GEDmatch and DNA.Land showed South Indian, Middle Eastern, Native American + Asian ancestry where Ancestry.com and My heritage didn’t show those results (but it’s in my raw dna file , hmm go figure, I wonder why they didn’t show my native, Asian, middle eastern or Indian ancestry??? It makes you wonder. Any thoughts?) Also, My heritage didnt specify my Irish, British ancestry as Ancestry.com and DNA.land did.

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  1. I'm totally going to try this out! Thanks for the idea!!

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