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10 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA Results!!

  1. Bori/Domi says:

    great results you are international wow

  2. Dil gêrm says:

    Lol I have only 2 ethnicities

  3. Congratulation you have a mix all other world, so no matter the nation you can just claim your DNA results :))) Nevertheless I am Interested how you got Almost the same DNA result from Nigerian to Chinese + Vietnamese 😮

  4. Interesting results, especially the asian part lol

  5. Pau says:

    Wow those results are incredible!!! :O

  6. SELINA says:

    Awesome results! I did this test too 🙂

    These are mine:

    – Europe
    28,6% English
    26,1% North and West European
    12,8% Scandinavian

    – Africa
    11,2% Nigerian
    2,5% North African
    2,3% Kenyan

    – America
    12,4% Central American
    1,1% Indigenous Amazonian

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