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My Heritage DNA Results

My Heritage DNA Results

I’m a Black American so of course I have African heritage so what I was most Excited by from the reveal:
• Masai – Surprising, since that is a tribe and not a region!
• Irish/Scottish connection – Confirmed!!
• Greek – No inking about that surprise connection!
• Native American – Did not show any on this result but my grandmother is reported to have Native American – maybe not as much as we assume.
• Asian – Also did not show, rumored to have Asian traces on my grandfather side, Chinese I think.

Uploaded my raw dna to a few databases and got some more results!
• 1% Native American North & Central with traces of South America
• 2.6% East Asian (1% Taiwanese and traces of Japanese)
• 1.6 South Asia – Vietnamese, possibly Thai.
• Finnish 5.1, and French too
• Also shows Ancient DNA, Hunter Gather and traces of Denisovan via Siberia (Think Advance Cavemen).

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These are sites you can upload your Raw DNA data for free to get more Analysis on your genome!
https://www.myheritage.com – You do not have to purchase a DNA kit through them in order to upload your DNA, however, this is brand I purchased from.
https://www.gedmatch.com – genealogical analysis tools for amateur and professional
https://dna.land – sharing your data to help scientists to make new discoveries and analysis DNA Traits.


4 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA Results

  1. 20% euro is svg. For African American hah

  2. A Estrada says:

    I took a dna test, and I have African dna too, were all related somehow.

  3. Avoid this DNA testing company.  They said I am 0% Native American.  I am a full blood Native American.  They say I am mostly European.  Steer clear and save your money.

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