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My Heritage DNA Results

My Heritage DNA Results

In this video you will learn more about my DNA results so please be patient an respectful.
PS. this is my first video ever
Any foul comment you will be blocked and your comment will be removed.


18 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA Results


  2. am blaka than you!!!!

  3. I am 94% African and I am brown I think I will get others in my family evaluated too.

  4. eddy orona says:

    Cool results my bro.

  5. Damn man that’s tuff

  6. Omg you have beautiful results lawd have mercy I had to repeat it ❤️ btw I'm from Finland ?? so hey!

  7. Dude we made a connection when you mentioned the Nigerian food. Here's a shout out to the Nigerian in you.

    Ps, don't stay away from Africa too long.

  8. You have such a nice radio voice.

  9. jan jansen says:

    finish would be the last I would think you are lol, very interesting

  10. ?⚘Great job youngster ???

  11. NURVOUSZ says:

    5% finnish lmao dafuuuq I know some finnish people would never believe it but its there
    cool compositon m8

  12. Nekeith Phillips, Great video! Eskimo/Aluet..1.3% Cool… I found out that I had Aluet DNA (Greenland) from using dnatribes-snp.com I hope you continue your research. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Deuteronomy+28%3A68&version=KJV;NIV Thank you for Sharing! 🙂

  13. John Wick says:

    You look younger than 16; how old is thee?

  14. L. Sher says:

    You are so cute and cool video. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Top Mog says:

    Thanks for sharing your results, Nekeith!

  16. Ito Roots says:

    Great video my brother.. u have a very high Nigerian ancestry.. I also enjoy Jollof Rice! Much blessings and continue your search..

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