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My Heritage DNA Results || A Purpose Driven Wife

My Heritage DNA Results || A Purpose Driven Wife

I was a little surprised and shocked at the DNA results.

Detailed results in Blog: http://adrivenwife.com/2017/09/heritage-dna-results.html

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6 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA Results || A Purpose Driven Wife

  1. i believe all myheritage wegene and dna.land are messed uo for African people some is vague and random some are correct like the one with the bigger percentage is usually the most accurate

  2. MsShawn43 says:

    I clicked on your channel because I am interested in genealogy and DNA testing. I think it is so important to know where you come from. Why you are you. I hope your mother will test as well. I really enjoyed this video and subbed. The story about your family touched my heart.

  3. myheritage apparently has 2 nigerian tribes the esan and yoruba in its database but not africans from ivory coast,ghana,benin,or togo,and not from cameroon, the other tests most people on you tube take ancestrydna ,has samples from those countries,nigerians usually get a some percentages from those other countries, that is why your nigerian is so high. but just so you know all what myheritage is calling nigerian could come from other countries too. you being mostly west african and places in the british isles makes sense because west africans were brought to the americas by the british. to work for them on the plantations. so yep it looks pretty sensible.

  4. MOM OF 4 says:

    Wow cool results. I did the Ancestry DNA test and Im 90% African 9% European and 1% Native American

  5. S Francis says:

    I like your accent! And very cool results! MyHeritage account currently says 'Raw Data Produced'… so I think my results are coming very very soon!

  6. That is kool, I wish I can get mines done. Yours sound really accurate.

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