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10 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA Results Are IN!!!!!

  1. I definitely want to do another companies test for comparison.. nice video!!

  2. KEL7000 says:

    first off beautiful just beautiful my Queen and also nice video….!!!!

  3. I meant what was ur highest african country did ancestry match my heritage?

  4. Angb Rwill says:

    Beautiful. Our results are so simular. The difference in companies is the algorithms and the amount of your genes tested. If you only have 1-3% or less of a genetic result that could mean that particular racial,ethnic or cultural group go so many generations back it has been genetically diluted with time, and most companies ignore anything under a certain percentage as static. Sometimes genes are simply not inherited. My sister is almost half Nigerian, I'm 32%; she is 7%Irish, I am only 1%. She has 2% Ashkenazi Jew, I showed none, whereas I showed 3% Meso American, she showed none. But I know I had an ancestor from Costa Rica and one 2x grandmother whose grandmother is directly related to the Lumbee of North Carolina and the Blue Ridge mountains of Tennessee. Compare your results to your family tree. Please get your parents tested, it might clear up allot.

  5. COOL! I did mine with My Heritage DNA and it had mind at 79% African 68% being West Africa, with Ireland/England, Asia, and Native (Central America). The Kenyan part isn't necessarily correct, East Africans typically have the same DNA and most will come back as Kenya when it's another country.

  6. John NY says:

    You have to take these percentages with a grain of salt.

  7. Mike Davis says:

    them ain't your results.show your name on it

  8. those African regions have ebola be careful if you go out there. i like your beautiful long black hair, you probably got that from your native American DNA

  9. Leecy C. says:

    You should put the results in GedMatch, its the most accurate I've found and normalizes it across companies.

  10. French Gal says:

    Ito roots my bad ancestry had me at 48% Ivory coast/ ghana!? Maybe make a do over lol

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