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My Heritage DNA Results!! Im What!!!???

My Heritage DNA Results!! Im What!!!???

AFRICA 62.6%
West Africa 48.4%
Nigerian 31.7%
West African 12.3%
Sierra Leonean 4.4%
Kenyan 7.7%
Maasai 1.3%

EUROPE 37.4%
Scandinavian 22.5%
Irish,Scottish,and Welsh 10.4%
Italian 4.5%
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16 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA Results!! Im What!!!???

  1. God Driven says:

    Cool Results .. Yay ! Im 91.6 % AFRICAN 

    Nigerian 56.3 %.

    Sierra Leonean 22.7%

    West African 1.0%

    Kenyan 4.3%

    Ethiopian 2.8%

    Egyptian 4.5%

    Euro 6.4%

    Native America 2%

  2. This is so cool! I wonder if it is accurate but I want to try it too! Thanks for sharing!! ?

  3. I sub please sub back

  4. Cristiolus says:

    On the abolition of slavery, women who had born children to the mean old Plantation owner were suddenly ashamed of the fact and pretended the father was a Native American. It happens everywhere. Donald Trump’s grandpaw pretended the family was Swedish because Germans were unpopular at the time.

  5. This is so awesome! I always wanted to do this since I myself am curious in regards to my ancestry. 

    Btw, I discovered your channel through Kendall Alfred and just subbed! 🙂

  6. Omg this is so cool. I keep wanting to do this. Maybe one day I will

  7. Sasha Wah says:

    Yes I would get that second opinion.

  8. Great Video. I took my DNA Test with ancestry. com four years ago.

  9. Upload your raw DNA to gedmatch its free and gives more results

  10. I want to do one but I don't know..my sister had one done and we always thought we we mixed with Indian too because of stories we were told by family elders. Then she got her results back and Indian was no where in there. Girl I hear you, I would get a second opinion too!

  11. I️ wanna do one !!! This is so cool

  12. Great video. I agree about the second opinion. I may do that myself.

  13. how much was the one your reading off

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