Home DNA AncestorMy Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #1 African/Nigeria/Fulani.
My Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #1 African/Nigeria/Fulani.

My Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #1 African/Nigeria/Fulani.

My Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #1 African/Nigeria/Fulani.

This How To video reveals my DNA results in the form of a series of doll repaints which will depict the different ethnicities of my DNA makeup. This video, part one in the series, reveals my African heritage and the countries within Africa from which my ancestors originated.

Three more videos follow which will reveal the rest of my ethnicity estimate. This video is NOT sponsored by MYHeritage DNA.


“Dubme” An upbeat reggae tune written for me and performed by my talented brother Dean Walker.

“Accelerate” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

“Bumba Crossing” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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45 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #1 African/Nigeria/Fulani.

  1. Absolutely stunning! What a great idea for a series of dolls to base them on various ethnicities. So many dolls are just white. It’s easy to forget how hurtful it is to only show white as “beautiful”. I think showing beauty in all skin tones is very important. I can’t wait to see more! : 3

  2. This is absolutely stunning!! I'm so glad I found your channel!

  3. SNSL7JR says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous!??????????

  4. She is stunning!! I love her necklace!!

  5. I've already watched but I must watch again it's that good ????

  6. Omg she’s beautiful! She looks so different than any other doll out there, I love how she turned out!

  7. So cute!!!!! I love the rows!!!

  8. This is gorgeous, but I just finished season 10 of America’s Next Top Model and I gotta say, that 7:52 is legit Tyra Banks

  9. Michelle W says:

    Oh, and for the hair braids, you can use metal beads some call locktite. Once in place use small needle nose pliers and you flatten the bead in place. It is the size of a #10 seed bead. Keep up the good work!

  10. Michelle W says:

    Wonderful work! My friends from Kenya used to use the instrument played for this videos background. I wish I could remember what it is called. I was dealing in antique trade beads. You have given me an idea for a doll of my own. I don't sell anymore, my health is bad. But, I have time! Thank you for sharing your art with us. Meticulous!

  11. MisfitFox says:

    This doll is absolutely gorgeous! You did a fantastic job, and I enjoyed learning interesting facts about your heritage while watching. I really appreciate your eye for the small details that bring everything together =)

  12. wataa nola says:

    She is so beautiful♡♡♡

  13. idk why but your face up style reminds me of Dollightful’s face ups. Amazing video!

  14. Do I hear a fellow Brummy accent there? ?

  15. Cory Louis says:

    I love how you did the hair, it's genius!

  16. What needle are you using for your hand-sewing, especially the tassels on the skirt?

  17. This is such a cool series!
    … I was breifly inspired to try my hand at something like this, but then I remembered that mine would basically be 'congrats you're british'

  18. Arellica says:

    Wow that is so beautiful!

  19. She is so beautiful!

  20. its daaria says:

    ive never heard the tern cane row until youtube i think that cane row is a west indian thing since you said youre jamaican ive always grown up on cornrow as im aa

  21. its daaria says:

    omg my mom and dad both swear that we are Ghanaian (with nothing to back it up) but ive heard most Africans in the trade are from Nigeria (so im prolly Nigerian) its just funny to hear that someone else just got the notion they are from Ghana for absolutely no reason ahaha

  22. Thanks for posting on my birthday

  23. Mia KS says:

    This doll is gorgeous! Such a cool idea for a doll series- can’t wait to watch all of them!

  24. Wow this is sooooo beautiful!!!! Much love from Trinidad and Tobago.

  25. What a clever idea! If I was to do this I’d have so many dolls!

  26. Dree Dree says:

    This makes me so happy ?

  27. Jade Duong says:

    such much effort put into this 0.0

  28. What's the tutorial you found? I would like to make headbands too!

  29. Wow! I have never seen someone attempt cornrows on the doll! ?? You did so beautifully! Gorgeous!

  30. those are some serious micro-braiding skills sis

  31. Anna Brown says:

    :ooo. i have no words, this is so stunning!!!

  32. This is such an incredible idea! I’ve not seen anyone else on youtube making dolls like these!. I love this idea!! She’s absolutely stunning (just like you are!) and I seriously love her!! You did an amazing job!!

  33. Shooketh says:

    Omg this was amazing I love it. I did a DNA test and it said I was 78% Eastern European, 12% South African and 10% Aboriginal
    Broken down my European heritage is basically just Poland, Russia and United Kingdom and my African side is Ghana, and Sierra Leone and native Australian

  34. Shes so pretty ? beatiful doll aswell! Definitely subscribing ❤

  35. I have always loved your work. This is beyond a level most artists can do.very clever and well done. A lot of people in the fashion industry have said white is the “ideal beauty” but black and white are the same. Do not treat them differently. Do not underestimate the power of black culture

  36. you are very talented and is that DNA Heritage thing free or do you have to pay…

  37. I love this so much! Such a lovely idea

  38. She's beautiful!!! I love the idea of representing your heritage through dolls! She turned out stunning–good work!

  39. This is so cool and she's gorgeous good for you!!

  40. holy crap this is just BEAUTIFULLLLLLLL from head to toe you've made something SO incredibly enchanting! lysm!

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