Home DNA AncestorMy Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #2 South Asian/Indian/Punjab/Sikh.
My Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #2 South Asian/Indian/Punjab/Sikh.

My Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #2 South Asian/Indian/Punjab/Sikh.

My Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #2 South Asian/Indian/Punjab/Sikh.

This How To video reveals my DNA results in the form of a series of doll repaints which will depict the different ethnicities of my DNA makeup. This video, part two in the series, reveals my South Asian heritage. I drew influence for this doll from the Indian friends of my school days and the thriving Sikh community where I live in the Midlands. Watch as I struggle to wrap a saree for the first time.

Two more videos follow which will reveal the rest of my ethnicity estimate. This video is NOT sponsored by MYHeritage DNA.


“Dubme” An upbeat reggae tune written for me and performed by my talented brother Dean Walker.

“Jalandhar” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

“Naraina” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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50 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #2 South Asian/Indian/Punjab/Sikh.

  1. Holy crap, she is so beautiful! I love how you chose to do the eyes, she looks just like a Goddess. Thank you for making this series!

  2. Axis_OOAKs says:

    She is a absolutely gorgeous! I think she is my favorite at of all of the heritage ones.

  3. 0_0 She is just so beautiful plus the doll [ lol ] I saw the wondering and thought " is this something all of her ancestor doll will have or no? "

  4. Deadly xM says:

    She's so gorgeous! If you didn't believe real life princesses, you should now! ?

  5. Arellica says:

    Chanja is my mom’s name!!!

  6. Arellica says:

    I am also 25% Indian but the rest of me is European

  7. My heritage that nobody asked for: im a german-jewish maple tree that has been grown in a mix of Earl Grey tea, vodka, and Guiness.

    I'm a human mutt lol

  8. I am loving the cultural dolls. Just wow!

  9. She's gorgeous 🙂 x

  10. what sealant did you use

  11. perhaps one element you may have forgotten is that most sikhs wear a silver coloured metal bracelet, usually a thick width around one of their wrists

    other than that- as an indian myself this was a beauty of a doll !! She looks just like my sikh best friend of 7 years- my friend even has the same green eyes xD

  12. Absolutely gorgeous ❤️

  13. I realllllllyyyyy want to check what my dna has and who I’m related to but I don’t have the money and I don’t know what all I need to do. Btw I’m a new subscriber!!!! I love your work on the dolls, they are beautiful

  14. Its good to find a lovely pure Brit that is not only creative and beautiful in herself but also in her dolls. These heritage videos are amazing and a perfect insight to a person's background and who they are, even if the ancestery stems from complete different continents~

    Glad that I found this channel right at the time that I want to start making my own dolls to outlet some of my own creativity, definitely going to take tips and inspiration from you! <3

  15. Thaís says:

    She is gourgeus! I love it! You could do if you wish, some maheindi painting on herói feet too!

  16. IrkaChan says:

    :0000000 wow its really beautiful

  17. Thea Name says:

    I love how you appreciate all the different ethnicities that your dna consists of! Usually a lot of people like to completely ignore the smaller percentages of their dna results and only focus on the bigger ones.

  18. J SN says:

    Honestly, i love things about ethnicities, so this series is really good. The topic is so interesting, and i wish i could ask what peoples ethnic background is without sounding weird lmaoo

  19. Its Rand0m says:

    Dang I wanna do this

  20. Susan P says:

    The amount of work you put into the clothes and hair really make your doll repaints stand out from the crowd. And this is such an interesting idea! I've purchased a heritage kit myself and will hopefully get the results soon! My mother was 98% British (she was a bit disgruntled because she thought she'd have at least some Irish and German) so I'm hoping I have something a little more variety from my dad's side.

  21. Absolutely stunning ????? I absolutely love this doll you did a fantastic job! I was wondering if you did a video for your very first so you ever did? The reason I ask is because I think it would be very interesting if you did a video that showed your very first doll and talk about how you got into doing this did you go to school what techniques you learned how you perfected techniques and so on. I think that would make a very amazing video!

  22. Love the lock I have them too

  23. Bhumika .R says:

    Proud to be an Indian 🙂

  24. Dat Roy says:

    If I look a dna test it would probably be so boring like probably almost all French then maybe a little English or German and probably a little Inuit or First Nations or something

  25. You have a bit of Finnish so that blue is probably from your side. ??‍♀️

  26. You're so talented! Another gorgeous creation!

  27. Wow its so amazing☺she's so amazing

  28. I'm Sikh and I'm just trying to not to cry because you did such a amazing job it's so accurate to religion and I loved when you talked in panjabi overall this video was amazing

  29. Love from #OOAKDMCC how beautiful she is!

  30. I love love love how you're exploring your heritage, its such a beautiful way to learn about and celebrate your roots.

  31. I have to say, I love that your ladies get to wear a nice comfy spa robe for their makeovers

  32. You never see anything like this I love it

  33. HappyG says:

    This amazing series has made a subscriber for sure, I'm gonna go check out some of your other amazing creations! ?

  34. The bindi can symbolize many aspects of the Hindu culture, but from the beginning it has always been a red dot worn on the forehead, most commonly to represent a married woman. The bindi is also said to be the third eye in Hindu religion, and it can be used to ward off bad luck.

    So essentially it can be warn as fashion to keep bad luck away.

  35. She is so gorgeous!!She looks like Aishwarya Rai!!¡

  36. So beautiful! I think the Indian people are some of the most beautiful in the world!

  37. yahir0707 says:

    bruh that is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful

  38. Lily B says:

    This series is lovely. The dolls are gorgeous and I adore the clothing!

  39. This is soooo beautiful!!!

  40. OMG, most beautiful doll!! Would really love one <3

  41. What material that you used???

  42. She is absolutely gorgeous!! Her eyes really are sooo dreamy!!

  43. Gorgeous! Wearing a Sari can be a minefield of accidents… My friend was getting married, As a hand maiden I had to preform the same tasks as a head Bridesmaid. Dressing the bride in her beautiful heavy silk sari. I spent an hour stitching her into it. There is 30 metres in those red bridal saris. I had to make sure the gold and red thread blended in, and the pleats hung correctly after being stiched, as her mother in law breathed down my neck. We'd already stitched the pleats in our saris so it didn't take long to pin the rest around and under..LOL. Mohan had to be very patient when we took her into the marriage room to undress her ready for him…LOL.. Gorgeous girl in a gorgeous sari. Now you know how Indian woman can run ,drive,etc,while wearing Indian garb.

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