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  1. SELINA says:

    Nice results!!

    Here are mine:

    – Europe
    28,6% English
    26,1% North and West European
    12,8% Scandinavian

    – Africa
    11,2% Nigerian
    2,5% North African
    2,3% Kenyan

    – America
    12,4% Central American
    1,1% Indigenous Amazonian

  2. It could be that your ancestor from Great Britain had a lot of Finnish, North-Russian or East European heritage, like his of her ancestors wasn't from Great Britain… But that's just a suggestion.

  3. JohnProph says:

    just a question that might occur to many people….what makes you trust a 'family tree' more than a DNA test? How reliable is genealogy (family tree) research anyway??

  4. Thanks for the video! I was just wondering, is Ancestry more specific than MyHeritage when it comes to countries?

  5. Wim V says:

    Sierra Leone…,  a former  Portuguese colony is west Africa..

  6. DJ Trevi says:

    Just ordered my test.

  7. Do you think My heritage is worth it? They have been advertising in the UK a lot recently. I called them and was told they have been around for 8/9 yrs but the DNA part is still quite new.

  8. i just got this for my husband. how long did it take you to get the results AFTER that email that they've received it?

  9. I don't know your family history but that's Interesting thanks for sharing your myheritagedna results because I am considering trying out this company and I can see that they have samples of regions that ancestry.com doesn't have and they have this deal going on for quite some time so I am hoping to try soon at some point.

  10. Do you know how much this test goes back in time to trace ancestry?

  11. Mine is 83.5 African 57.6 Nigerian,11.2 west African ,4.7 Sierra leonean,12.8 European 9.4 Iberian ,1.7 Finnish ,1.7 Scandinavian ,2.6 Chinese ,and 1.1 native american

  12. Africa
    West Africa
    Sierra Leonean
    West African
    East Africa
    Central Africa
    Central African
    South Europe


  13. if Most of the Nigerians are in the Americas Then the Percentage left is Very low. Africans South had to Migrate Up.. Facts

  14. To suggest Black people didn't Travel is pure ignorance., also to think all blacks were slaves . You are a slave . Candice

  15. Candice is decedent of slave she believes black people didn't Travel.

  16. Do you think this is on par with DNA.land or more accurate?

  17. I appreciate u making this video. As of now me & my mother are waiting on her results through my heritage. I was interested in seeing what it'll look like when they finally come in.

  18. RJ TV says:

    your ppl did not have to be traded to a French colony. lots of Yoruba ppl were traded to Spanish Portuguese English and French enslavers. the traders did not stick trading with one nation.

  19. I'm from America and Fabians Results are Similar to Mine.

  20. Hello Fabian, I like to try this but I think they haven't so much Ethnic data for all People in the world! So I'll delete my Ethnic Information from myHeritage befor they can based on my Information. Peace

  21. I just ordered my kit last night and was curious to know how many relative matches do you have and also is there a chromosome browser?

  22. all that you don't understand Chalk it up Being Moor the Moors DNA is Spread out

  23. A says:

    wow I just ordered mine, I'm sierra leonean so I'm excited to see what it'll say. thanks for being thorough too!

  24. I'm a part of MyHeritage's Founders Population Project, so I am still waiting for my results. I can't wait until they complete their database, I think they'll have a data set of more than 100 ethnicities.

  25. maianation says:

    Thank you verymuch for this video. I just made this test and I'm waiting for the results.

    I'm from Finland and can say that during wars Finnish people have migrated a lot so I guess finnish dna can pop up in places where you wouldn't expect 🙂

    Did this test help you find any new "relatives" in myheritage?

  26. Sepp says:

    What's better in your opinion? Ancestry.com or this one? I mean, the more accurate and in detail…

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