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10 thoughts on “MY HERITAGE IS LOST!!!

  1. So true on losing heritage, so much I wish I was taught so I can in turn teach my kids. thank you for sharing.

  2. I love there play it is always good. We went last year and they had the live animals there. It was soooo good. That dress is so cute. Awe grandma and grandpa missed them. I wish they would have taught us French as well.

  3. Mandy Kay says:

    Is it just me or did your clock change times when you moved the camera at 5:41 ??

  4. I'm not trying to be nosey but did you ever say what happened to going to Disneyland? You said change of plans but I don't think I ever heard you say what it was that happened and why you didn't go. I know you love Disneyland so i was just curious

  5. ugh I cry my eyes out eveytime I see a reenactment of Jesus Christ being crucified ??? It hurts to see Gods son hurt so bad especially the pain he was in before God took it away. You should have seen me watching The Passion of Christ, I cried so hard it was too much I had to walk into another room.
    We go to Church, I cook dinner and Aiden does get a basket but I separate the two beliefs but I don't label The easter bunny as Paganism. No way do I even give credit towards that. It's fun though ? He gets excited for the basket and is learning about God and very interested in learning about God. ??
    I bought a ancestry kit and I'm excited to see the results!

  6. woo hoo girl!!! 1,500 subbies!!!! congrats!!!

  7. I made dinner for my household, and did my daughter hair to sit in the house lol.

  8. We do the egg hunt and baskets for the kids. It's fun for them. But we also talk about the sacrifices Jesus made for us! I bet that play was amazing

  9. Popcorn for breakfast bruh

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