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My Heritage Rabbits: American Blue | CosmoCornbread

My Heritage Rabbits: American Blue | CosmoCornbread

Season 3, Episode #28 | In this episode, I went to an unusual bridal shower, and shared information about my rabbits’ breed.


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7 thoughts on “My Heritage Rabbits: American Blue | CosmoCornbread

  1. Hello there, I'm new to your channel its great! Do you have the plans for you rabbit tractor posted?

  2. Jodi Watt says:

    Hi Constance!
    Your friend's idea of bridal shower gifts was so loving and thank you for sharing with us.
    Your bunnies are beautiful and enjoyed hearing about their history.
    Take good care my friend!!
    Love you, Jodi

  3. What was the overpowering spice in that dish?

  4. You know some very good people! I love that shower idea! The rabbits are beautiful. Blessings! Jackie in NY state

  5. Hi Constance, I just LOVED that bridal shower idea and yeah, i may have even shed a tear or two seeing all the gifts :)……I have to say, those rabbits are truly beautiful..love the history behind them too.. XO

  6. Looks like a bunch of cats and dogs are going to be very happy 🙂 Interesting info on the rabbits. Thanks for sharing ((hugs))

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