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My Heritage results uploaded to Family Tree DNA

My Heritage results uploaded to Family Tree DNA

Uploading My Heritage DNA results to My Family Tree to see if I get different results.

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Family Tree DNA
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19 thoughts on “My Heritage results uploaded to Family Tree DNA

  1. Caesar says:

    Your great great grandmother was black?

  2. Ralf G says:

    Just sayin, Metal Age Invaders are one of the ancestral groups of all Europeans who came thousands of years before the first Turk set foot in Anatolia or Europe.

  3. I want to do my DNA my great gran was Italian-Irish my grandfather was Scottish, English

  4. hahaha interesting I know if you are over 60% u are classed at Native Celtic Brit welcome to the UK!! Your ancestors build Stone Henge. ))))

  5. Hi Brook I was just wondering if you would have any advice on what companies Trinidadian citizens could get online work from that would not pose any issues regarding payments etc. It's a bit difficult to get online work from the U.S or U.K especially if you live in the Caribbean. Also I noticed in your about section you are a property developer; would you have any tips on what a freelance real estate agent like myself can do gather more property owners into my data base? I've recently created a facebook group targeting potential tenants and buyers but I want to expand the list of owners to help make the connections quicker. Hopefully you may choose to make a video about it sometime. Anyway Take care and as usual, you always have great and enjoyable content.

  6. tiluriso says:

    @ 5:33 = The Yamnaya Culture, descend from the earlier Maykop culture. They both developed just north of the Caucasus, in Southern Russia, roughly in between the Caspian and Black seas, and as such they are an amalgamation, a mixture of both West Asian/Caucasus ('Georgian', 'Armaenian', 'Iranian') and 'Early Eurasian'. population/genetic elements. The descendants of the Yamnaya people in turn likely became the so called 'Proto-Indo Europeans' who domesticated the Horse and spread their Indo-European languages over the Eurasian continent and beyond.

  7. tiluriso says:

    Your North African genes very likely come from your Iberian ancestor. There's some genetic overlap between them – The Strait of Gibraltar is not hard to cross, so bi-directional population movements did occur – There is some 'Iberian/South Euro' in North Africans too.

  8. You have a surprisingly high amount of African. This is my Results 95% Native American 3%West Asia 1% east Asia 1% Polynesian

  9. middle east? lol. I'm Palestinian and this was my results 70% Middle East, 10% Caucasus, 11% Italy/Greece, 5% South Asia, 4% North African

  10. Bori/Domi says:

    how long does it take for the results from your transfer(MyHeritage) ?

  11. Bryan wolf says:

    Wow you are very African I was not excepting that ?

  12. How do you know about what your ancestors, did like you said some were pirates very interesting.

  13. I have tested several companies and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics https://24genetics.co.uk/ with more than 400 regions. They also admit raw data

  14. What is your ethnicity? I would really like to know.

  15. 70% European 20% African 2%Jewish 3% native American and a little east Asian middle eastern south American Siberian and Spanish-Jewish (Sephardic) great results ????.

  16. The pirates were the British. There was not a huge British vs pirates, more like Spanish vs British pirates.

  17. Joe Flores says:

    I believe that your results are accurate… because you are backing up the fact that you have family from South America…. so it's probably not a myth…. like you say fun… you are only 70% European….my heritage is not accurate in any sense… FTDNA results are always spot on.

  18. My best friend is a damn Jew

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