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My Heritage Scrapbook: Amundson

My Heritage Scrapbook: Amundson

Happy interNational Scrapbooking Day! To celebrate I’m sharing another page from my heritage album featuring a family photo from 1943. I’m using the beautiful Bloom collection from Maggie Holmes to share this family’s story.

Music by RW Smith

Maggie Holmes Bloom collection 12×12 double sided papers, 6×12 card stock sticker with gold foil
Maggie Holmes Shine collection 6×12 card stock stickers with gold foil
WRMK Thickers
Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party gold foil tile stickers


4 thoughts on “My Heritage Scrapbook: Amundson

  1. Cody Doll says:

    How cool. I love seeing this series. Also neat that your Norwegian too. My father is Norwegian and his family moved from New York to Florida after coming to US. So neat how close our stories are.

  2. Have you ever done a flip through of your album? I am starting one and would love to see one that is put together (maybe not finished, but laid out). Thanks, love your videos!

  3. I always enjoy your videos! ♡

  4. This is a great heritage page! You did a great job of researching your family and recording it for future generations.???

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