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My Heritage Scrapbook: Cir. 1905

My Heritage Scrapbook: Cir. 1905

I’m documenting another branch of our family using photos from 1905 (ish) and Crate Paper’s Craft Market and Maggie Holmes’ Shine collection. Thanks for watching!

Music: Someone Your Own Size by RW Smith


4 thoughts on “My Heritage Scrapbook: Cir. 1905

  1. jazzman22 says:

    I agree with everyone you should write the bad along with the good. Because that what family history is about. No family is perfect and to me learning about the good and bad about my family in stories. They kind of tell us even though they lived in a different time. We are not that different from our ancestors of yesterday. They went through the same struggles of good and bad that we call life. I found out that my paternal grandmother's oldest sister was married three times. What interesting about her last two husband is that after divorcing her second husband she ended up marrying her former step-son who would become her third husband! Her oldest daughter was born to her mother's second marriage. The daughter would learn years later she wasn't the daughter of her father but his half sister. I learn about this from one of my great-aunt's grand-daughters. I found it interesting to know this about her. She died before I was born. But from what my dad and some of his cousins have told me about her it sounds like she had a pretty interesting life.

  2. Lovely LO. I would talk about the bad as well as the good. No family is perfect.

  3. 1141high says:

    Yes, I'd include the not so nice stuff. If you are documenting the family history it is a part of that. To leave it out would be to "rewrite history" in a way. Besides, sometime we learn a lot from the not so positive stuff that happens in our family. Just my opinion. I think it's great that you are taking the time to do this album. What a treasure.

  4. 21faus says:

    Looks good, although I haven't done any historical genealogy type scrap booking pages I do think it's better to add the bad with the good, my 2x great grandfather committed suicide in 1904 when my great grandfather was only 9, I was devastated that he killed himself but I also learnt he was apparently related to some famous jockey in the UK I'm proud of that but not with the fact he killed himself but I will add that in because it's fact.

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