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My Heritage Scrapbook: Joseph

My Heritage Scrapbook: Joseph

This week I’m sharing the first of three ways I’m incorporating documents into my heritage albums. Today it’s a draft registration card from 1942 belonging to a great grandfather.

Inspiration LO: http://www.studiocalico.com/galleries/167157-road-trip

Thickers font: Homestead

Music: Someone Your Own Size by RW Smith


2 thoughts on “My Heritage Scrapbook: Joseph

  1. I really like this page! How do you store the original photos?

  2. Kim Thomas says:

    Hi Jillian! Do you think that's the right draft card? Could it belong to his son? I just wondered about the date. Wouldn't he be too old for the draft? Maybe I'm seeing the wrong date, I'm just watching on my Kindle and it's small. Your layout is so nice. Thank you for the great video. Take care, Kim 🙂

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