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My Heritage Scrapbook: The Politician

My Heritage Scrapbook: The Politician

Documenting a great grandfather, a former city mayor and county commissioner using a couple Maggie Holmes collections.

Inspiration from Studio Calico member Lisafisa. Check out her projects here: http://www.studiocalico.com/users/lisafisa

Music: Someone Your Own Size by RW Smith


Bloom Collection papers: Elsie, Hello Hello, Emily
Shine Collection papers: Lucky, Brilliant
Thickers: Homestead in Black


5 thoughts on “My Heritage Scrapbook: The Politician

  1. Ohhhh! I live in Wood COunty Ohio!

  2. You have me hooked on your family stories and I look forward to each episode. The scrapbooking is pretty awesome too!

  3. HI, I have just recently happened upon you and your awesome videos so if you have said this before, please forgive me, but I am from Ohio and the county North of Wood County in Toledo, OH. Just curious where you guys are from 🙂

  4. What a great genealogical find! Loving your heritage scrapbook layouts!

  5. LL Rudy says:

    I have that layout pinned too, my pin says 'Lisafisa' . I have used that sketch multiple times since I pinned it in November.
    Your layout turned out wonderfully. I really enjoy this series. I love genealogy but have not done research since I was a child.

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