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MyHeritage: Are Most Puerto Ricans Truly Part African?

MyHeritage: Are Most Puerto Ricans Truly Part African?

If you are Puerto Rican, I would love for you to share your DNA test results. I would like to learn more.


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  1. Angel Mora says:

    On average yes. There are also whites. Around 30%.

  2. There are a lot of "Puerto Ricans" that say they are Puerto Ricans when they are truly not. You are Puerto Rican. If you was BORN on the island. All those NOT BORN on the island are not Puerto Ricans. Even if their Parents , grand parents , great great grand parents were . Sorry to bust some peoples bubbles. I'm Puerto Rican 100% Because I was born on the island. My siblings are not because they were not born on the island. They are [x] of Puerto Rican parents

  3. All latinos have the 3 races All…just varied Amounts

  4. M RC says:

    Yes, I am Puerto Rican and I am 39% African (Sub-Saharan). I am also 47% European and 9% Native. BTW, I don't pass for black at all.

  5. 9.7 percent African. Wouldn’t call that part anything but not overlooking it either. 23 and me btw.

  6. I am half Puerto Rican. I have 2% European Jewish and 8% African (Mali, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Congo, Benin, Togo).

  7. cntrl says:

    Everybody has African

  8. It's me the Puerto Rican guy and I'm posting my DNA results from 23andme. Overall without any details i'm 71.1% European, 15.1% East Asian & Native American, Sub-Saharan Africa 8.5% , Western Asian & North African 1.9% and lastly Unassigned 3.4%….. More Detail DNA results info underneath.

    71.1% European Under the European section I have 39% Iberian "Spain", 2.1% Italian, British & Irish 0.7% , Ashkenazi Jewish 0.1%, Broadly Southern European 18.9%, Broadly Northwestern European 5.2% and Broadly European 5.0% //

    East Asian & Native American 15.1% under this section I have Native American "Puerto Rico" 12.1% , Broadly East Asian 0.1% and Broadly East Asian & Native American 2.9% //

    Sub-Saharan African 8.5% under that section West African "Cabo Verde" 7.5%, Broadly Sub-Saharan African 0.9% //

    Western Asain & North African 1.9% under that section Western Asian " Armenian" 1.2% , North African & Arabian "Algeria" 0.7% //

    Lastly Unassigned 3.4% .

  9. N G says:

    Puerto Rico is the ultimate melting pot of the world. My family has every color of the rainbow from fair skinned blue eyes to dark skinned green eyes and every combination in between. All from Puerto Rico back to our 3rd great grandparents, then the paper trail starts to get a little hazy of course. Family dna results were a surprise but explained a lot. 51% Italy/Greece and Iberian Peninsula, mostly Italy/Greece, 31% Africa, mostly Southeastern, 11% Native American, 6% Great Britain, 1% West Asia. It's no wonder you get such diversity on a small island. Spaniards were giving away land to Europeans to keep a strong hold, Africans brought in to work the land and the remaining Taíno holding it up in the mountains. Add some sun, beautiful beaches, sounds of rhythmic drums in the wind, nightly coquí serenade with some rum or pitorro (puerto rican moonshine), over a few hundred years and watch out world lol.

  10. I did my DNA and it show that I am 12% Native American 16% African from Morocco mainly and 70% European I think not all Puerto Ricans have the same numbers because we're such a mix race

  11. I did the test and it came back 24% African and 22% of it came from WEST AFRICAN

  12. Yes most Ricans are part African. I can confirm because I have 12% african in my DNA.

  13. I'm Puerto Rican and my results from Ancestry were
    Iberian Peninsula
    Europe South
    Native American
    The rest were low confidence, 2% of that is European Jewish 🙂

  14. What are you talking about do you know what African American is you mean African descent.

  15. Looks be deceiving, that's what people gotta understand

  16. 90% European, 5% Native American, 1% African

  17. You are getting crap ? from your request. Well meaning people are giving you wrong data.
    TEACH YOURSELF…don't rely on the amateurs here. Most here lack in-depth information. Read credible information…ensure it's reliable. ?PUERTO RICO: Population: 3,958,128 (July 2008 est.) Ethnic groups: white (mostly Spanish origin) 80.5%; black 8%; Amerindian 0.4%; Asian 0.2%;mixed 4.2%;other 6.7% (2000 census) http://www.ciaworldfactbook.us/north-america/puerto-rico.html

  18. What’s interesting is that some Latinos would claim that they ‘re white due to their DNA being mostly European. However, they disdain the “one drop rule”, which of course isn’t scientific nor accurate but then neither is the former scenario. Muy interesante.

  19. Ryt5014 says:

    Puerto Rican unlike Dominicans love their African ancestry for the most part.

  20. Puerto Rican ethnicity varies wildly. Apart from the fact that most of us have a high percentage of Iberian DNA, the rest can be really variable. Our native Indians also show up on most people in varying degrees as well as Sub-Saharan African. We were mostly populated by immigrants as is all of the Western Hemisphere. In my case I'm 53% Iberian Peninsula, 14% Europe South, 13% Native American, 5% Finland/ Northwest Rusia, 3% Caucasus, 2% Ireland, Scotland, Wales, 2% North African and 2% Senegal. The rest is a cocktail of less than 1% that is all over Europe and the Middle East. As you can see in my case there is very little Sub-Saharan African DNA. With the traces in the cocktail no more than 3%. Mind you, my family has been in Puerto Rico since the early 18th century. I have an extensive family tree that goes back generations. Puerto Ricans are an extremely varied nationality. BTW, Geraldo Rivera's mother is a Jew from New York with no connection to Puerto Rico apart from marrying a Puerto Rican man.

  21. Happy Ness says:

    We are All mixed brother and who ever says they are not must be from the planet Nibiru…

  22. I have about 70% European and rest is divided mostly between African and Native American. Small percentage of European Jewish and other trace groups, like berbers. This I’m sure is because of the time that Spain was under the Muslim empire during which Jews and Muslims coexisted with crowns and many ppl from North Africa lived in Spain.

  23. Max Maxim says:

    It would be interesting to see what some of you look like. Im black american with european and native ancestry. I wonder how similar we are..

  24. What is important to understand is that The European component of many Puerto Ricans will have a substantial amount of either Spanish/ portugese and or Italian /Greek.

    Embedded within Italian and or Spanish DNA is Middle Eastern. Southern Europeans are mixed with Middle Easterners. Middle Eastern DNA is embedded with a small to medium amount of Ashkenazim Jewish DNA.
    Jeraldo Rivera's mother was Jewish, so his Jewish portion (as you already found out) is not from his Southern European DNA but from his mom who was a complete jew.

  25. Videos like this are a special kind of stupid…so sad.

    First of all making a generalization about any political group, i.e. "Mexican", "Cuban", "Puerto Rican" is as stupid as making ANY generalization about "Americans" or "Canadians".

    Think about this…

    Is Obama representative of all "Americans"? NO!
    Is Vicente Fox, the WHITE ex-president of Mexico representative of all Mexicans? NO!
    Is Raul Castro, the WHITE current president of Cuba representative of all Cubans? NO!
    Is Alberto Fujimori, the JAPANESE ex-president of Peru representative of all Peruvians? NO!
    Is Nestor Kirchner, the GERMAN ex-president of Argentina representative of all Argentinians?

    Time to stop making ignorant videos that spread stupidity and stereo-types and start reading books about the history about each Latin American countries.

    Some are DOMINANTLY of European descent (Argentina, Uruguay, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica…)

    While other are DOMINANTLY of Indigenous descent (Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras)

    And others have largely Sub-Saharan African populations (Dominican Republic, Brazil, Cuba)

    Enough already…ignorance does not serve any country well ESPECIALLY the US, where cultural and historical stupidity is OUT OF CONTROL!

  26. Yes. I am 22% Of African Ancestry. There is a Famous Poem that talks about it. It talks about those who are "White", where is your grandmother. Because many times their grandparent is of Color. Here's the Poem.
    Lyrics/Letra – Y Tu Abuela Donde Esta?

    Artist/Artista: Ruth Fernández (bio: English   Español)

    Author/Autor: Fortunato Vizcarrondo

    Ayer me dijiste: negra y hoy te voy a contetá… mi madre se sienta en la sala, y tu abuela ¿aonde etá…? ayer me dijiste: negra, y hoy te voy a contetá… Y tu abuela ¿aonde etá…? Yo tengo el pelo e caíllo el tuyo es seda na má, tu pai lo tiene bien lasio y tu abuela ¿aonde etá…? Tu color te salió blanco; y las mejillas rosá, los labios los tienes finos Y tu abuela ¿aonde etá…? A ti te gusta el fo trote y a mi bruca maniguá si es tu orgullo de blanco Y tu abuela ¿aonde etá…? eres blanquito enchapao que dentra en sociedad temiendo que se conozca la mamá de tu mamá. La probe se está muriendo al verse tan maltratá que hasta tu perro le ladra cuando ella etá lavá. Muy bien que yo la conozco se ñama Siña Tatá tú la econde en la cocina porque es prieta de verdad. Aquí el que no tiene dinga tiene mandinga , ja, ja. Y por eso yo te digo: Y tu abuela… ¿aonde etá…?

  27. From the West coast of PR. 73% Euro mostly Spain and Northern Italy with a little Great Britain. 12% Native American, 10% Middle Eastern/ North Africa, 5% trace regions of Western Africa

  28. Just me says:

    DNA tests are not 100% accurate. Some high-level points about DNA testing: Ethnicity estimates are pretty good to the continent level. Estimates from the major companies for the same person can vary widely. We inherit DNA from a subset, not all of our ancestors. The estimates will change as more data is gathered.
    DNA testing is more valuable as a tool to connect to relatives than to get an estimate of ethnicity.
    In case it is helpful, a short article about interpreting ethnicity estimates: https://genealogymom.wordpr

  29. Just me says:

    Quick history lesson, most people in Puerto Rico are descendants of European immigrants. In other words, most Puerto Ricans are WHITES.

  30. Puerto Rican here and my results were,
    72% European
    14% Native American
    7% African
    Rest is unassigned.
    A lot of puerto ricans who grow up in America wont admit to being either black or white and would deny it. I've seen it all the time and it shows how ignorant we are over here in the states.

  31. I am Puerto Rican and got 7.8% African https://youtu.be/60vz1Tyn8UM

  32. Further addition to my past comment. The average Puerto Rican is predominantly of European Ancestry with about a quarter or one eighth American Indigenous and about the same or a few points more of African ancestry. What is unique is that most Puerto Ricans are Tri-racial, only a very small amount is biracial between Black and White or Indigenous and White. Estimates are that about 25% of the population is completely White. Most people on the island will identify with the color of their skin or predominant phenotype as opposed to the North American concept of race. Since the most common phenotype on the island is of Southern European most identify as White while admitting smaller amounts of African and Indigenous ancestries.

  33. vera cruz Mexico is mostly African…

  34. most pr's are majority european… white population in the south has some African..

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