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MyHeritage: Bi-Ethnic Countries? Uzbekistan, Nepal, and Mexico?

MyHeritage: Bi-Ethnic Countries? Uzbekistan, Nepal, and Mexico?

What are your thoughts on this?


11 thoughts on “MyHeritage: Bi-Ethnic Countries? Uzbekistan, Nepal, and Mexico?

  1. I’m from Uzbekistan and I look Asian and mixed I’m 6,2 height and bit black then Asian people ?

  2. Belgium, Canada, Switzerland… many countries are made of two of three different people, without any being the majority

  3. I am from Nepal and yes we look mixed.

  4. That’s so true I’m originally Uzbek n we look so mixed between two races n even Turkish ppl r originally Uzbek so it’s all mixed up

  5. My Colombian girlfriend's DNA is about 20-30 percent Central American, about 10-20 per Turkish, 10-20 Italian, and the rest mostly Spanish. One of her grandparents had Italian parents (that's where she gets the Italian and Turkish DNA from I believe). I think most Colombians are about 30–50 percent Central American and the rest mostly Spanish. There are also black Colombians, Jewish Colombians, Middle Eastern Colombians, Turkish Colombians, and others.

    My parents are both from Cincinnati, Ohio and My DNA is mostly German and British, with a little Italian and Jewish sprinkled in.. I think a lot of Ohioans look somewhat German and somewhat British, with some Irish as well.

    Now I live in North Carolina and people here look very British, Scandinavian, Irish, and German. And there are a lot of black Americans living here as well. And Mexican Americans!

  6. I'm from the bi-ethnic country too! And to answer your question I'd say Phillipines, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Italy….

  7. Another countries on the top of my head would be The Philipipnes, and maybe even Columbia

  8. I watched this video.. I like your channel.. the Balkans where people are Slavic + Mediterranean + turkish

  9. I think Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco in North África have a mixture between "Black African" and Middle Eastern. Some of them are pretty white like Sirians or Lebanese people, some of them are darker like Saudí Arabians or Qatari people and some of them are even more darker and with curly hair like black africans but with a lot of facial and corporal hair who are uncommon in pure black africans.

  10. After the Jews had to leave Spain some of them went to parts of Italy like Genoa Italy.

  11. Matxe9212 says:

    You inspired me to look up the what the demographics say 😀 If we believe they are true to the actual ethnicity of people.
    Denmark has 89% of its population being of scandinavian origin. The other 11% is mainly muslim immigrants and decendants. Im sure the demographics would have said something like 96-98% of danish origin just 20 years ago.
    Italy has 92% of its population being of italian origin.

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