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8 thoughts on “MyHeritage: Biggest Disappointment of Your DNA Test Findings? Share in the Comments

  1. I haven't made it Yet!

  2. My least favorite was that MyHeritage was that it said I'm 22% Arabic whereas 23&me said I'm 11% Arabic

  3. If I had to choose something, ? it'd be: not showing any Sephardic Jew. ? Just because I thought I'd have it. However, it did show 2% Ashkenazi Jew. ?

  4. AmyLee says:

    Just that on myheritage despite being matched up with my mum 50% cM , I share only 29% of my ethnicity with her.
    My sister had a similar result 26% of her ethnicity with my mum. And we have around 70% shared ethnicity with our dad.
    It's just a least fav because it's a bit confusing being so skewed.
    Is that just how ethnicity expresses itself? Or are the estimates off in terms of the ranges? We do look like the result so I see its validity in that sense.

  5. Kathy R says:

    I am not upset just very very funny. I grew up in Huntington Beach Ca And I was told by people threw the years to get off the beach you are to black. I use to tell my daughter these stories And she just thought that was awful she grew up without a prejudice bone in her body.

  6. I posted a comment about it in your previous video.

  7. Matxe9212 says:

    Not being southern european. Not that i expected it. I just love southern europe in so many ways. I really wanted to be southern european but its something we cant choose ourselves sadly. I dont even have french roots anywhere (I know its west europe on tests). Im just 100% northern european…..Proud of that of course but…still. Would have liked a little exoticness.

  8. Kathy R says:

    I don’t know if I should say this because I do not want to offend anyone. Mine was finding out my very light skinned daughter born with blond hair… I was born with dark brown skin and I am more white than her….

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